• eddie-the-eagle-on-netflix
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    Watch Eddie the Eagle on Netflix

    Seldom do I get so touched watching a movie trailer as I did watching the Eddie the Eagle trailer. But, why watch the trailer only when you can watch Eddie the Eagle on Netflix! There is always something touching with watching movies based on true stories, especially as they tell a story about someone different, someone unpopular and without a talent going against all odds to do something great. That is the story about Eddie the Eagle in short version. Come and watch this man who was bad at all sports, but who had a passion and a commitment that made him continue, even when everybody said stop. The biggest…

  • Watch X-Men on Netflix
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    Watch X-Men on Netflix

    There are lots of X-Men films, but they have been hard to find on Netflix so far. Here I will give you an overview of X-Men on Netflix telling you which films are available and where. You should be aware of the fact that this article might not be 100% up to date at all times, so if you have any insight that I should know of, write a comment and let me know. Please also be aware of the fact that the X-Men films are available in different Netflix regions. You will find more information on how to override such limitations further down in the article. Watch X-Men on…

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    Now you can watch The Prestige on Netflix

    The Prestige was one of the top films made in 2006 and it was given quite a lot of awards and even nominated for Oscar awards. It did not win any, but still, it was one of the highlights in 2006. In The Prestige you can watch the two magicians played by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale who after a terrible accident during a trick they did together turn into enemies who devote their lives to destroying the lives of the other one, and they always strive to be the best magician, and thus they always follow the other magician close up to keep track on their tricks and to…

  • Les MIserables on Netflix
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    Les Miserables on UK Netflix

    Les Miserables has been shown on film and cinemas lots of times, but one of the very best versions has to be the one made in 2012 directed by Tom Hopper. If I remember correct this was even an award winning version where Anna Hathaway got an Oscar for her part, but it might be that I do not remember this correctly though. Please correct me writing a comment if I am wrong! In Les Miserables you can follow Jean Valjean played by Hugh Jackman who is freed from prison by Javert, played by Russell Crowe. Jean Valjean soon turns into an important man in the social life, but later…