• Netflix December 2018
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    Coming to US Netflix in December 2018

    December will be a fantastic month! Not only because of Christmas but because Netflix will serve us several movies that will be a real treat to watch. And if you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at this video presenting the best Christmas movies on Netflix! Three great Netflix originals coming to Netflix But, what is coming to Netflix in December 2018 that makes me so happy? There are quite a lot of original movies coming that I am really enthusiastic about. Just consider the fact that Jennifer Aniston has the main role in the brand new Netflix original movie named Dumplin‘. She is the beautiful mother who…

  • Iron Man 3 on Netflix
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    Feel like watching Iron Man 3 on Netflix?

    While waiting for Thor Ragnarok to arrive in the cinemas in November 2017, you might want to fill your mind with other Marvel creations. So, why not watch Iron Man 3 on Netflix? I have earlier written about how you can watch Iron Man on Netflix, but if you have already seen the first film, and maybe also the second, then it is time to watch number three right now. But, where can you watch it? Is it possible to stream Iron Man 3 on Netflix? If you have followed the Iron Man movies, you probably know that the Iron Man isn’t an easy guy to be. He has lots…

  • Iron Man on Netflix
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    Watch Iron Man on Netflix

    I started it all in the wrong way and thus the first film I ever watched with Ironman was Avengers: Age of Ultron. Then I watched two Captain America films and now I thought it was about time to watch Iron Man. The question I therefore had to ask myself was whether or not I could watch Iron Man on Netflix? There are three films made in total and a fourth is on the way, so that is why I looked for ways to watch all the first three films on Netflix. Iron Man (2008) was the first film and that can be seen on different Netflix regions. It was…