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    Updated instructions on how to access different Netflix regions!

    What better way to start the new year, than by updating the published articles in our Netflix from abroad website. In other words, to make sure that our articles and instructions work, we have just updated all the different articles referred to on the front page telling how you can different Netflix regions from abroad. Many people who want to get access to another Netflix region, think that it is all about American Netflix. But, that is completely wrong. There are more and more people looking for instructions on how to get access to other Netflix regions. How come? For example, Canadian Netflix is a fantastic region for those who…

  • Get access to Italian Netflix
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    How to watch Italian Netflix abroad? [Working in 2019]

    Are you a fan of Italian Netflix and want to get access to Italian Netflix with subtitles, audio and more while abroad? This is how it is done! I have had a hard time finding working solutions for watching Italian Netflix abroad, but after testing lots of VPN providers and different services I have finally wound one that seems to be working. So, if you want to get access to Italian Netflix while abroad, this is what you need to do! Please be aware of the fact that this method might not work forever so if you try it and it shouldn’t work, please write a comment and let me…

  • Netflix in Italy
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    Netflix coming to Italy today!

    It has been two amazing days in Netflix history as they just launched in Spain on October 20th and in Portugal on October 21st. Today it is October 22nd and it is time for the historic launch of Netflix in Italy! In three days Netflix has extended their services to three new countries and more than 100,000,000 new people. That is quite amazing and I am sure that thousands of Italians rejoice at the fact that they no longer need to use a VPN to watch Netflix in the country anymore, but just visiting Netflix.com they will be able to subscribe, watch and enjoy all the goodies available on Netflix.…

  • Watch Netflix in Italy
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    How to watch Netflix in Italy?

    Italy is a long and slim nation with great football players, lots of catholics and very tasty pizza! But, what should you watch while eating the amazing pizza and drinking the wonderful Italian wine? Netflix of course… but, how can you watch Netflix in Italy? If you are located in Italy and visit Netflix.com you will soon find out that it is not working, because you are located in Italy. It will tell you that Netflix is not available in this part of the world yet, and you can then sign up with your email address to be notified whenever Netflix comes to your nation. But, we want to watch…