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    James Bond movies on US Netflix

    Are you in the mood for streaming some James Bond movies on US Netflix? Are there any James Bond movies available at Netflix in the USA? It is very interesting to notice that Netflix doesn’t entirely follow their own schedules and lists. Every month I share information about what’s coming to US Netflix, and often I also publish articles about what’s coming to UK Netflix and Netflix in Canada. I published such articles about what’s coming to Netflix in the USA both for the month of January 2019 and also for February 2019. Nowhere on those lists could you read about James Bond movies. But, then I checked my very…

  • Watch Spectre on netflix
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    Watch Spectre on Netflix

    It isn’t that long ago since I watched Spectre in the cinema, but now it can already be seen on Netflix. But, in which Netflix regions can I watch Spectre? Daniel Craig has turned into a great 007-agent, and he has become a very popular James Bond. I was not a big fan as I first watched him in Casino Royale, but since then he has gotten better and better and now I really do like him in the role as James Bond. The latest 007 film was Spectre and I had great expectations before watching it. The reason was not Daniel Craig, but the Christoph Waltz playing Ernst Stavro…