• Netflix December 2018
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    Coming to US Netflix in December 2018

    December will be a fantastic month! Not only because of Christmas but because Netflix will serve us several movies that will be a real treat to watch. And if you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at this video presenting the best Christmas movies on Netflix! Three great Netflix originals coming to Netflix But, what is coming to Netflix in December 2018 that makes me so happy? There are quite a lot of original movies coming that I am really enthusiastic about. Just consider the fact that Jennifer Aniston has the main role in the brand new Netflix original movie named Dumplin‘. She is the beautiful mother who…

  • watch-mothers-day-on-netflix
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    Now you can watch Mothers Day on Netflix

    Mothers Day is one of those super movies with way to many stars. Instead of turning into a fantastic movie, it instead turns boring. Still want to watch Mothers Day on Netflix? It can be done! I remember renting Mothers Day not long ago (of course online) and I had great expectations as I sat down to watch the movie. Do you know how that evening ended? I do not even remember, but I think we managed to finish the film. Should you however ask me what the movie was about, I have a hard time doing so. The topic is of course Mothers Day, but except from that this…

  • Now you can watch Life of Crime on Netflix
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    Now you can watch Life of Crime on Netflix

    Life of Crime is an action comedy from 2014, and it just arrived on Netflix. Find out how and where you can watch Life of Crime on Netflix. It might be that I am starting to forget things easily, but as far as I remember I did watch Life of Crime a few years ago. But, since I do not actually remember much of it, it might be that I didn’t actually watch the film, I only wanted to watch it. But then again, I do think I watched it, because I remember the jokes and the full story from the trailer. Or, maybe I just watched the Life of…

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    She’s Funny That Way on Netflix

    A few days ago I had the chance to watch She’s Funny That Way on my television, so I grabbed the chance and started to watch it. But do you know what? I never got to the end, because after thirty minutes I had to do something else, and since I had not really being caught by the story, I never finished watching it. But, since the film has just been added to Netflix I might actually finish it later! She’s Funny That Way is a film that should be a great one, after all it is full of stars like Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, Imogen Poots, Rhys Ifans and…

  • Horrbile Bosses 2 on Netflix
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    Horrible Bosses 2 on Netflix

    Did you like the first Horrible Bosses film? Now it is time for the follow up and again we can watch the guys who are big failures try to reach out for great success. In Horrible Bosses 2 they decide to make up their own company, but things simply turn out harder than they thought. First of all they are tricked to create products for a super big order, but the problems occur when the one ordering suddenly turns his back on the guys and do not want to buy what he ordered anyway. So, there the guys are standing with a major loan, lots of products to sell, but…

  • Cake on Netflix
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    Jennifer Aniston at her best in Cake – Now at US Netflix!

    Cake is a very specal film with Jennifer Aniston in the main role. Many people say she deserves an Oscar for her part in the film, and even if I do not agree 100%, it is still a film in which she plays a very different role from what we normally see her in. In the film Jennifer Aniston is kind of a wreck, not seeming to far from wanting to commit a suicide. She meets up with other similar people and this turn into one very interesting film with lots to say. If you think Cake sounds like a good film, why not take a look at the trailer…

  • Along Came Polly Netflix
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    Along Came Polly on US Netflix

    Along Came Polly is an American romantic comedy written and directed by John Hamburg which was released in 2004. In the movie Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston have the lead roles. Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller) is an insurance risk assessment expert who just got married and enjoying honeymoon with his new wife Lisa Kramer on the island of St. Barts (Debra Messing) but on the second day of their honeymoon Reuben has to discover that his beloved just married wife cheated on him with the muscular scuba instructor Claude (Hank Azaria) so after that Reuben returns to New York heartbroken and betrayed where he attempts to put his life together…

  • Just Go With it On Netflix
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    Just Go with It on UK Netflix

    In these days Adam Sandler can be seen in cinemas worldwide with the film Blended. He is a master of those funny and romantic films, and if you want to see one of them, Just Go with It has just been released and made available on UK Netflix. This is a really nice family film in which Adam Sandler brings with him Jennifer Aniston to play his wife and family as he goes on a holiday to a really nice beach paradise. Things will of course not develop in the way he originally planed them to, but that is what makes films such as this one interesting and of course…