• Netflix will create brand new Narnia movies/series in the coming years!
    General Netflix News

    New Narnia series/movies to be created by Netflix

    I am a big fan of the C. S. Lewis books, and his adventure books about Narnia are amazing. I enjoyed all three Disney movies about Narnia (even though the first one was by far the best), but now I am curious to find out how Netflix will work this out. Amazon is working on the production of The Lord of the Rings as an Amazon original series. The HBO flagship, Game of Thrones, will have its end in 2019. By getting the rights to further work on the Narnia books, Netflix will step into the adventure world, and this might turn into a fantastic series. We might even get…

  • Batman: The Dark Knight on Netflix
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    The Best Action Movies on Netflix in 2018

    It is September 2018, and the year is soon to end. But, why not watch a fantastic action movie on Netflix? Here you can see a list presenting some of the top picks in the action movie category on Netflix as of September 2018. The best way to know more about the best action movies on Netflix is by watching the video presentation beneath. Take a look at the movie to hear a small introduction of the movies, and to see some clips from all of them. Would you rather get a short written summary of the best action movies on Netflix? Here you can see a very short introduction…

  • netflix roulette
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    Have you tried the (Net)Flix Roulette? Is it worth it?

    A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the nEnhancer. Today, I have tried the so-called Flix Roulette, a tool that will help you find random content on Netflix based on your preferences. We live in a world in which it is quite easy to get bored, at least if you have too much time left-over after work (or instead of work). Maybe you are a super smart student who has a lot of time besides your studies, and you love watching movies. But, what are you going to stream on Netflix tonight? That is a question we often ask ourselves, and for that reason, someone created a tool…

  • Watch Black Panther on Netflix in September 2018
    Canadian Netflix News

    New on Canadian Netflix in September 2018

    September is the month when we return to our normal lives after a long summer holiday. But, what are you going to stream on Canadian Netflix in September? If you scroll through the list of content coming to Netflix in Canada in September 2018, there are a few things I noticed. First of all, the arrival of Black Panther on September 5th. This (almost) brand new Marvel movie has already reached Netflix, and we can follow the people of Wakanda as they battle a “lost son” trying to destroy the fantastic kingdom. It is currently the second highest-grossing movie in 2018, only preceded by Avengers: Infinity War. But, it is…

  • like father on netflix
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    Is it worth watching the new Netflix original Like Father?

    I recently had some time to spare and visited Netflix to find something worth watching. I am not a big fan of Netflix originals, but Like Father seemed to be a good choice. Was it? I was a big fan of Cheers back in the old days, and I also watched a whole lot of Frasier episodes. Since then I haven’t seen nor heard of Kelsey Grammer until he showed up as the main character in the new Netflix original named Like Father. He has had a long break, but maybe Like Father has made some old stuff come alive in him because he has recently started speaking about continuing…