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    New on Netflix Canada [November 2017]

    Christmas is gettig closer, and already in November some Christmas shows ans programs will come to Canadian Netflix. But, more important – we have some great movies to look forward to. As I looked through the list presenting titles that will come to Canadian Netflix in November, four titles made my heart beat a bit faster. These are all movies I want to watch, have seen already, or believe that lots of people will be happy about. Already on the first day of November you can stream Hugh Jackman in his role as Logan on Netflix in Canada. I just watched the movie myself, and I must say that I…

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    You can now stream Gold on Netflix

    We live in a time when people lose faith in banks and paper money, while cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and gold grow in value. What better to do in these days than to stream Gold on Netflix? Gold is a movie from 2016 starting Matthew McConaughey. We have seen Matthew in lots of interesting roles in the recent years, and yet again he is doing a fantastic job. Maybe his most spectacular role in recent time was in Dallas Buyers Club, for which he even won an Oscar award, if I remember correctly. Right now you can watch Matthew McConaughey in theaters all around the world in the movie The Dark…