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    Coming to UK Netflix in February 2019

    February might be a hard month for many to survive. It is both dark and cold outside, but can Netflix bring some joy into the home? I believe they will, at least if you live in England. The list of titles coming to Canadian Netflix in February 2019 didn’t really impress me, but luckily, the list of titles coming to UK Netflix is better. As I looked through the list of titles coming to Netflix in England in February 2019, I got quite happy, and the most important reasons are the following movies. Highlights on Netflix England in February 2019 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is the second Guy…

  • Going in Style
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    Is Going in Stye on Netflix?

    Going in Style is the 2017 movie with Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, and Michael Caine. They play the roles of three old guys who have little to look forward to on their older days. Going in Style was recently released on DVD, and the consequence is that it is still unavailable on Netflix. It will probably take at least a couple of months before it will be available in the first regions. This is, however, only guessing from my side. It might even take a year, but normally it shouldn’t take that much time. If you are in a hurry, then go ahead and buy the movie on a website…

  • London has FAllen on Netflix
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    Now you can watch London Has Fallen on Netflix

    Did you like Olympus has Fallen? This time it is not Olympus (The White House) which has fallen, but London is under attack. Watch Mike Banning in London Has Fallen on Netflix. I remember watching Olympus has fallen and had a good time doing so. In the same way I must admit that I had a good time watching London has Fallen as well, but it is not threatened by any future Academy Awards. Now you can watch London has Fallen on Netflix, but not in the most popular Netflix regions. London Has Fallen on Netflix This film can currently be seen on Netflix in the following nations: Costa Rica…

  • Bruce Almighty on Netflix
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    Bruce Almighty on US Netflix

    I am a quite big fan of Jim Carrey and I do like a good comedy. That is why Brucy Almighty was one of my favorite films back in 2003 when it was released. It is not a supergood film, but if you are in a good mood, it will give you plenty of reasons to laugh! In Bruce Almighty the amazing thing happens as Bruce gets the powers of the Almighty for a short amount of time. Before then he only blamed God and never thought about the “problems” God might have as he wants to be just and fair to everyone, but as he gets the powers and…