Get access to Dutch Netflix! [Working in 2019]

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Do you want to watch Netflix in the Netherlands? It can be done, also after Netflix started their manhunt on VPN providers. Here is the solution!

I am always out there testing different VPN providers and SmartDNS providers and that is why I do my uttermost to help you out so that you can find out how you can watch Netflix from abroad. There is no longer one solution that will give you access to all different Netflix regions, but if your pure goal at the moment is to watch Dutch Netflix, then I am about to tell you how it is done. If you want to know more about getting access to other Netflix regions, read this article.

This is very useful when you want to watch films on Netflix that are only available in the Dutch region, and if you want to watch films on Netflix with Dutch subtitles or maybe Dutch voices.

Please notice that this method is working as I am writing this article, but it might be that Netflix will block this method in the future. I, therefore, ask you to write a comment if you try this and it ain’t working, but until you hear otherwise or comments telling you otherwise, this is a method that should work, so give it a try!

Get access to Dutch Netflix

If you want to get access to Dutch Netflix and watch your favorite TV shows and films there, this is what you need to do!

You are now ready to watch Dutch Netflix. This article was last updated in July 2019.

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Why do you want to stream Dutch Netflix abroad?

Maybe you ask yourself, why do anyone want to stream Dutch Netflix outside the Netherlands? It is a valid question, but you will soon understand the answer!

There is a lot of content available on Netflix in the Netherlands that cannot be streamed elsewhere. For a long time Netflix in the Netherlands would let you stream all the Star Wars movies released so far (it doesn’t do so anymore). In the same way, there will always be international content available on Dutch Netflix that you will not find on Netflix in England, in the USA, or in similar regions.

But, one of the most interesting facts about Netflix in the Netherlands is the fact that you will get access to a whole lot of Dutch content, and also movies and TV series with Dutch subtitles and Dutch audio available. This is especially useful if you travel with someone who cannot speak English or some other language.

Lots of Dutch content on Netflix in the Netherlands
Lots of Dutch content on Netflix in the Netherlands

As you follow the instructions in this article to get access to Dutch Netflix, you can at once click the TV Shows or the Movies text at the Netflix website. As you click these, you can choose “Genre”, and there you can pick Dutch content. Once you open this, you will see a big selection of Dutch content on Netflix, and it is simply amazing. Not only for watching the movies itself, but if you want to learn the Dutch language, they can also help you out as you can listen to the original language while selecting English subtitles (in some cases that can be done).

Do you understand why Netflix in the Netherlands is so interesting now? I hope you do! Follow the instructions if you are eager to give it a try yourself!

If you have any comments or questions, just use the comment field beneath.