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    Coming to Canadian Netflix February 2019

    I just read that the list of content coming to Canadian Netflix in February 2019 is the best list in a long time. I do not agree at all, but I do have to admit that there are some great movies coming to cold Canada in February 2019. Normally Canadian Netflix is the region for those who want to get hold of Hollywood blockbusters. But, in February 2019, it is not that kind of region. Instead, it is a region for those who want to watch Netflix original movies (but, you do not need Canadian Netflix to get access to that), and it is the region of great movies that…

  • Big updates on netflix.fromabroad.org
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    Major updates at netflix.fromabroad.org

    We have recently done some major changes here at netflix.fromabroad.org. Haven’t noticed them? Well, look around! The biggest change for you as a visitor might be the change in the design. We hope that our new design (which is somewhat similar to the old design) will make it easier to jump around on the website, and especially, that the right menu is more colorful and joyful to use. Not only can you see the latest posts from our Netflix blog, but you can also see our two latest videos from YouTube. But, there is more than just a design change that has happened. Find out what’s new on Netflix This…

  • The Blacklist
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    The best movies coming to Canadian Netflix in August 2018

    I have just made this little video presenting the best movies coming to Canadian Netflix in August 2018. There is one movie that I forgot to add, but except for that, it is brilliant! If the movie doesn’t auto-start or show up, visit the actual YouTube video right here. Take a look at the movie. I am really enthusiastic about what Canadian Netflix has to offer in August, and I believe you will be as well. The movie I forgot to mention in the video is The Huntsman: Winter’s War. That is a great fairy-tale action movie, with action, love, and a bad witch! I hope you will enjoy this…

  • star wars the last jedi on netflix
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    Coming to Canadian Netflix in June 2018

    After some borings months, June will be a fantastic month if you live in Canada or know how to access Canadian Netflix from abroad. Thor: Ragnarok, Lady Bird, The Last Jedi – need I say more? If you like old classics, Notting Hill, Charlie Wilson’s War and Sense and Sensibility, might cheer you up. But, there is no doubt that most people will turn to Canadian Netflix in June to watch the three mentioned movies, Thor: Ragnarok, Lady Bird and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It is almost unbelievable that these movies can be streamed on Netflix already, but you read it now, it is true. From June 3rd you…

  • Steve Jobs on Canadian Netflix
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    Movies coming to Canadian Netflix March 2018

    I love Canadian Netflix, and I have written it over and over again that it is the Netflix region with the best movies available. So, what movies can we expect in March 2018? I often compare Canadian Netflix to HBO Now, because they get access to the brand new movies almost simultaneously. But, in March 2018 that doesn’t seem to be entirely true. HBO Now broadcasted Wonder Woman in February 2018, but it is still far away from Canadian Netflix (unfortunately). This is only one example, but there are quite a lot of great movies coming to HBO Now in March 2018, that doesn’t come to Canadian Netflix. That doesn’t…

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    Coming to Canadian Netflix October 2017

    October will be  quite a boring month on Canadian Netflix, at least if you expect big Hollywood movies to arrive. If you rather appreciate Netflix originals, then October will be a thrill! Canadian Netflix is normally my favorite Netflix region for one simple reason; this is were you can stream the Hollywood blockbuster movies first. Every month they normally add some great new titles for us film fans to stream, but in October it is a quite boring list. Godzilla is a hit movie, but it is far away from my taste, which means that there are no special movies that I look forward to on Canadian Netflix in October…

  • Ex Machina on Netflix
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    Coming to Canadian Netflix August 2017

    Summer is soon over, but we still got August. Here is a list presenting the movies and TV series coming to Canadian Netflix in August. We sure got a lot to look forward to. Every month I read through lists showing movies coming to US Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, Hulu and so on. The list I look most forward to see is the list presenting content coming to Canadian Netflix. The reason is simple, the best content often arrives at Netflix in Canada first. In July Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released on Canadian Netflix together with other great movies, and in August we got lots of…

  • Coming to Canadian Netflix June 2017
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    Coming to Canadian Netflix in June 2017

    June will be a month on Canadian Netflix without big blockbusters. But, fans of original Netflix productions will still have a lot to look forward to. A new season of Orange is the new Black is of course among the highlights on Netflix in June. But, the original Netflix productions do not only come to Canadian Netflix, but all other regions as well, so that might not be that interesting. Take a look at the full list beneath of titles coming to Canadian Netflix in June 2017. June 1 13 Going on 30 Amelia – A Tale of Two Sisters Burlesque Catfight Fatal Attraction Homeland – Season 5 Jackie –…

  • Moonlight on Canadian Netflix
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    Coming to Netflix Canada in May 2017

    Last month I wrote my first list about what’s coming to Netflix Canada and it was a success. Here I am repeating the success giving you what’s coming to Netflix Canada in May 2017. I have just written an article on the movies coming to Netflix in USA in May 2017, and I was happy to see that the biggest blockbuster coming to US Netflix on May 30th, also will come to Canadian Netflix. What movie am I speaking about? I am writing about Benedict Cumberbatch in his role as Doctor Strange, the fantastic new super hero from Marvel. And just like on US Netflix the movie will arrive on…

  • Coming to Netflix Canada April 2017
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    Coming to Netflix Canada in April 2017

    I often write about what’s coming to US Netflix, but this month I want to tell you what’s coming to Netflix in Canada in April 2017. Canadian Netflix is one of the best Netflix regions, and in March 2017 this was a fantastic region making movies like Independence Day: Resurgence, Ice Age: Collission Course and X-Men: Apocalypse available to Netflixers in Canada, but also to people who know how to get access to Canadian Netflix abroad. In April 2017 there will come some goodies to Canadian Netflix as well, but it will not be as fantastic when it comes to Hollywood blockbusters as March. One of the major highlights in…