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    Watch The Internship on Netflix

    The Internship was one of my favorite films in 2013 and I saw it once again in the winter of 2014. Now I am very pleased to see that the film just arrived on Netflix, meaning that Netflix fans can watch it for free with their current Netflix subscription! The Internship is not available in all Netflix regions, so if you visit US Netflix for example then you will not be able to watch it. But, how can you watch The Internship on Netflix then? At the moment, you can watch The Internship in the following Netflix regions: Italian Netflix Canadian Netflix Swiss Netflix Japanese Netflix But, how can you…

  • zoolander-2-on-netflix
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    Watch Zoolander 2 on Netflix

    Zoolander 2 is the crazy film about two crazy people played by Ben Stiller and Own Wilson. I have only seen half the film yet, but with Zoolander 2 on Netflix it just got easier! Zoolander 2 is the story about two mildly said crazy guys who live in the fashion world. They are legends in the fashion world, but not necessarily in a positive way. In Zoolander 2 they have to save the world and save fashion again, and to do so they travel to Italy. Since I have only seen half the film I do not know exactly how the story develops, but if you are in for…