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    Watch The Incredibles 2 on Netflix

    One of the best movies of all in 2018 was The Incredibles 2. Not often does a successor become better than the original, but to me, The Incredibles 2 was even better than the original movie.  The Incredibles 2 made it to the list of the top 10 grossing movies in the world in 2018. And considering that it is an animated movie, that is a brilliant job. The truth is, this is a movie that even adults will enjoy. I am way up in my adult years, and I was an adult when I watched the first movie, but I enjoyed the first movie about the incredible family, and…

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    Coming to Canadian Netflix in January 2019

    Yesterday, I gave you the list of titles that will come to American Netflix in January 2019. Today, I present to you the list of movies and TV series that will come to Canadian Netflix in January 2019. There are quite a lot of similarities between the two lists, something that is natural considering the large amount of Netflix original productions which are all added to Netflix regions worldwide at the same time. There are some differences between the lists, but the differences aren’t as big as they often are. The biggest titles coming to American Netflix in January 2019, will also come to Canadian Netflix. In other words, you…

  • Ice Age Collision Course on NEtflix
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    Watch Ice Age: Collision Course on Netflix

    The newest Ice Age movie titled Collision Course has already arrived to Netflix. Would you like to see what’s happening in Ice Age Collision Course on Netflix? Read on! It is so nice with animated movies, because the actors do not have any rights, and thus they can not ask for higher wages, retire or complain about their boss. The result is therefore that the creators can make lots of movies, sequels and follow-ups. This might be a curse as well, but when it comes to the Ice Age series the follow-ups are luckily keeping the quality up as well. They are not like the Lion King sequels or the…

  • Watch FInding Dory on Netflix
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    Can I watch Finding Dory on Netflix?

    Finding Dory is the big Pixar production from 2016, following up the legendary Finding Nemo. Now you can watch Finding Dory on Netflix, but in which regions? People who love a good animated movie, will for sure enjoy Finding Dory. It is among the best animated movies created in 2016, but unfortunately it did not end up on the list of the five nominated movies for an Academy Award in 2017 in the category of Best Animated Movie. So, Finding Dory did not get a nomination, but that does not make is less good than the five nominated movies (Kubo and the Two Strings, Moana, My Life as a Zucchini,…

  • Inside Out on Netflix
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    Watch Inside Out on Netflix

    The Oscar Awards are closing up and Inside Out might be awarded as the best animation film in 2015. Now you can prepare for the Oscar Wards by watching Inside Out on Netflix. It is quite amazing, but as I always say, Canadian Netflix is fantastic when it comes to bringing blockbusters and famous films out to Netflix early. In fact they always bring the best and newest films way earlier than US Netflix, UK Netflix and so on. And that is now also true for Inside Out which has just been made available on Canadian Netflix. Inside Out was not an animated film after my taste. I had great…