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Get access to Portuguese Netflix

Have you left the fantastic nation of Portugal, but want to get access to Portuguese Netflix? Miss the Portuguese subtitles, audio or maybe some content only available there? If you want to get access to Portuguese Netflix, then this is what you will need to do. Notice that these instructions work at the time of writing this article, but since Netflix work to block all services giving you access to… Read More »

Netflix coming to Portugal today

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that Netflix arrived to Spain on October 20th. Today it is October 21st and guess what, Netflix is coming to Portugal today. As of this day you do no longer need to trick any system to be able to watch Netflix in Portugal, but while on holiday in Lisbon you can watch and enjoy films on Netflix in between watching the beautiful attractions of… Read More »

How to watch Netflix in Portugal?

In a few weeks Netflix will be launched in six more nations in Europe, but Portugal is not among them. In other words, if you want to watch Netflix in Portugal you will need to make some minor steps to make it work. Read on! Netflix is only available in a few nations worldwide, and if you try to watch Netflix in Portugal, you will simply get an error message… Read More »