• Watch Spotlight on Netflix
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    Watch Spotlight on Netflix

    The winner of best film at Academy Awards in 2016 was Spotlight, surprising quite a lot of critics. And now we are surprised again because Spotlight will be made available on Netflix on June 22nd in 2016. Spotlight is a film telling the story of child abuse within the Catholic church and how the newspaper Boston Globe had their own special division named Spotlight working on the investigation of these matters and bringing them to light. There are lots of famous actors in Spotlight, for example Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and Michael Keaton. I recently watched this film and I must admit that it did not become an immediate favorite…

  • The Age of Adaline - Best romantic film
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    Best Romantic Films on Netflix

    Are you in the mood for a romantic film and you are currently looking for advises on romantic films on Netflix? You have come to the ideal place and article, because here are my suggestions for you to get a perfect time in front of your computer or TV watching a romantic film on Netflix. Before you continue, please notice the following! At the time of writing all these titles were available on Netflix in the mentioned nations/regions. However by the time you read this article things may have changed, making them unavailable, since that is how things work in the world of Netflix. If you want to know more…

  • Aloha online
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    Now you can watch Aloha on Netflix

    A while back I mentioned that it is possible to watch the film Aloha with Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams on Amazon Instant Video. Now you do not need to pay extra for this anymore, because if you have a Netflix subscription then you can now watch it on Netflix as well! Aloha is a quite amusing film, though not a film I would watch more than once. It is partly a romantic film as well, but if you want a romantic film, then there are much more romantic films available on Netflix and in other places. That is why this is a film that is kind of…