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    La La Land is now on Netflix

    The big winner at the Academy Awards 2017, La La Land, can now be streamed on Netflix. Would you like to know how and where? A couple of months ago, I wrote an article titled: When will La La Land come to Netflix? I did not have the answer back then, but my original guess was that it would arrive on Canadian Netflix first. Let me say it at once; I was wrong. Just like The Circle (a movie with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson), it did not come to Canadian Netflix first, nor to US Netflix. Where to stream La La Land on Netflix? If you would like to…

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    Can I watch Blade Runner on Netflix?

    Blade Runner 2049 is currently in theaters across the world, and I just watched it. But, I haven’t seen the original movie yet. Can I watch the original Blade Runner movie on Netflix? The original Blade Runner movie was made back in 1982. It has turned into a cult-movie, and it has millions of fans worldwide. The original movie still has a great 8,2/10 score at IMDb, and people were curious to see whether the successor could become as good as the original.  Now the successor is in the cinema and it has received a whole lot of praise. I watched it as well, without having seen the original movie…

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    When will La La Land come to Netflix

    La La Land has just been released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the United States. When will La La Land come to Netflix? November 8th, 2017: You can now stream La La Land on Netflix. Read this article for more information. It is impossible to predict when a movie will come to Netflix, but if you compare it with other similar movies, then my first guess would be around July 2017. Last year Mad Max: Fury Road and Spotlight were among the big winners during the Academy Awards, and both these movies were made available during the summer of 2016. Based on that my guess is that La La Land…

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    Watch Nice Guys on Netflix

    Want to watch some nice guys on Netflix that ain’t really such nice guys after all? If the answer is yes then go ahead and watch Nice Guys on Netflix! There are few times I watch a movie only to stop watching by half time and never finishing it. In fact, that is going against every single principle in my body. What I start to watch I have to finish. If the movie is really bad I still have to finish, but I might forward the movie a bit in order to reach the end at a faster pace. But, I have to finish! If I were to mention movies…