• Netflix error on android

    Netflix shows different content in the same region on different devices

    Today I experienced something interesting as I wanted to stream content on Netflix. I used a VPN to stream content on Portuguese Netflix, but I got different content depending on whether I used my iPad, Android tablet or Windows computer. What happened? I wanted first of all to check whether or not I could actually stream Suits season 6 on Portuguese Netflix. I have a popular article on the topic, and to make sure that the information is up to date, I decided to give it a try. In Windows it worked properly, but then on my Android device I could not find it at all. The same was true…

  • road-is-closed-for-vpn-users
    General Netflix News

    Is Amazon following in the footsteps of Netflix?

    I am not only blogging about Netflix, but also about Amazon Prime. Recently I have seen an increase of comments from people blocked by Amazon.com with the 4601 error message, also when using a VPN. For a long time it seemed as if Netflix was hunting down the IP addresses used by VPN providers all by themselves. No other streaming service or TV network seemed to take the battle against users overseas as Netflix did. That seems to change now however, because not only do Amazon users abroad suffer from VPN blocks and the 4601 error message, but the same can be experienced with quite a lot of other streaming…