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Get access to Spanish Netflix

Are you in the mood to watch some content on Spanish Netflix? Having trouble doing so or simply wonder how it can be done? This is the way! To watch Spanish Netflix you will need a VPN subscription, but life isn’t just that easy since Netflix now blocks most IP addresses provided by VPN providers all around the world. But, there are still some holes in the wall, and here… Read More »

Netflix coming to Spain today

Today is a big day in Spain and for many it will feel as if it is a new national day, because after many years of waiting Netflix is finally coming to Spain today! So, on October 20th, that is the day when Netflix turned available in Spain and you do no longer need to use VPNs and SmartDNS services to watch Netflix in Spain. But, even though Netflix just… Read More »

Netflix coming to Spain in October

As of now it is not really supposed to be possible to watch Netflix in Spain, because it is not available in the nation yet. Of course there are ways in which you can still watch Netflix in Spain and to find more out about how this works, read our article on watching Netflix in Spain. However, the time when Netflix was unavailable in Spain is soon to become past,… Read More »

How to watch Netflix in Spain?

Netflix recently released news that Netflix is soon to be made available in even more European countries, but unfortunately Spain is not on the list. So, if you want to watch Netflix in Spain you will still have to use other solutions, and here we will explain you how you can enjoy and watch Netflix in Spain. There are different reasons why you want to watch Netflix in Spain. Maybe… Read More »