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Coming to Canadian Netflix in July 2018

Are you hoping for some great new content to arrive at Canadian Netflix in July 2018? Here is the full list of movies and TV series coming to Netflix in Canada in July. There aren’t that many highlights coming to Netflix in Canada in July. After a month like June, in which we both got Thor: Ragnarok and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it is kind of hard to become… Read More »

Watch Suits season 1-8 on Netflix

Would you like to watch all the different Suits seasons on Netflix, from season 1 to season 7? Here you will find information about how you can watch all the Suits seasons on Netflix! I am a big Suits fan, but I only discovered the TV series earlier this year. For that reason, I am still only watching season 3 of Suits. That means for me that I have some… Read More »