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    Fantastic stuff coming to Netflix in Canada September 2017

    September is going to be a fantastic month for Netflix users in Canada and for people watching Canadian Netflix abroad. Find out what’s coming to Netflix in Canada in September 2017. I always enjoy writing articles on what’s coming to Netflix every month. There are always great movies coming to Canadian Netflix, but September in 2017 will be even better than most normal months. There will be lots of original Netflix content arriving, for example a new season of Narcos and Fuller House, but besides the original content, there will be plenty of great movies and TV series arriving as well. Coming to Netflix in Canada September 2017 – Highlights…

  • The Good Place on Netflix
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    The Good Place season 1 is now on Netflix

    Can you imagine ending up in heaven by a mistake as you were mistaken for somebody else? Watch The Good Place season 1 on Netflix and find out what it’s like. I remember writing articles about TV programs coming to NBC in the autumn of 2016. One of the TV programs I mentioned was The Good Place. After watching the trailer I got interested, and as a result, I watched the entire first season on NBC as the episodes were aired. It did not become a new ultimate favorite, but I enjoyed the roles of Kirsten Bell and Ted Danson. Kristen Bell plays the girl who comes to heaven as…