• The Longest Ride
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    Can I watch The Longest Ride on Netflix?

    I have earlier written about the film named The Longest Ride and I remember writing that it was one of my favorite romantic films and that I liked it way more than The Notebook, another film known to be a real hit among fans of romantic films. Yes, you can watch The Longest Ride on Amazon and you can read more about that in the linked article. But, can I watch The Longest Ride on Netflix? For a long time, the answer has been no, but since 2015, it is possible to stream The Longest Ride on Netflix. But, why can’t you find it then? You can only watch The…

  • Best films on Valentines Day
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    Best Valentines Day films on Netflix

    Valentines Day is approaching and maybe you want to make this a fantastic day with the one you love, and what can be better to do on such a day than to watch a romantic film? I have earlier written an article on romantic films on Netflix, but this is even more up to date, so here you will get some suggestions for some really romantic films worth watching on Netflix on Valentines Day in 2016. Do not forget that I can not guarantee for how long these films will remain available on Netflix and if you want to watch one of the films mentioned but use another Netflix region,…