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    Can I watch This Is Us on Netflix? (NBC series)

    This Is Us was one of the most popular of all new TV series launched in the 2016-17 season. It received fans all across the world, and now you can watch This Is Us season 1 on Netflix. The first season of This Is Us was a fantastic journey. The first episode is a bit strange, but once you truly understand the story, you will fall in love with all parts of it. Can you imagine following a family in the present day, but at the same time follow the same family in the past (as if it was in present day). How does the past influence the present life…

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    Fantastic stuff coming to Netflix in Canada September 2017

    September is going to be a fantastic month for Netflix users in Canada and for people watching Canadian Netflix abroad. Find out what’s coming to Netflix in Canada in September 2017. I always enjoy writing articles on what’s coming to Netflix every month. There are always great movies coming to Canadian Netflix, but September in 2017 will be even better than most normal months. There will be lots of original Netflix content arriving, for example a new season of Narcos and Fuller House, but besides the original content, there will be plenty of great movies and TV series arriving as well. Coming to Netflix in Canada September 2017 – Highlights…

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    Watch all Parenthood seasons on Netflix

    I have heard that Parenthood is a fantastic TV series, but wonder if I can watch it on Netflix. The answer is yes, all six seasons of Parenthood can be streamed on Netflix. I must admit that I have never seen Parenthood yet, but I am a big fan of the current NBC series named This Is Us. Some of my friends told me that there are lots of similarities between Parenthood and This Is Us, meaning that if you like Parenthood, you will probably like This Is Us, and if you like This Is Us, then you will probably enjoy Parenthood as well. For that simple reason, I decided…