• warcraft on canadian netflix
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    New on Netflix Canada in October 2018

    Are you looking for a list presenting what’s coming to Netflix Canada in October 2018? Look no further, the complete list is here! I have just written about what’s coming to Netflix in the USA in October 2018, and the only big highlight on the list was 22 July. This movie will come to Canadian Netflix as well, after all, it is a Netflix original directed by Paul Greengrass. It tells the story of the attack by Anders Breivik in Oslo and on the Utoya island on July 22nd in 2011. It doesn’t just tell the story of the attack, but also about life after the attack for politicians, Anders…

  • The Circle on Netflix
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    The Circle is now on Netflix

    Would you like to watch Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in the movie The Circle? You can now stream the movie on Netflix in certain Netflix regions. It’s only been a few months since I considered going to the cinema to watch The Circle. For some reason time did not allow me to do so, but it came to me as a major surprise as I by coincidence as I did a check on UK Netflix. Since I want to keep my articles up to date, I tested the method described to get access to UK Netflix abroad, and as I check it, I saw The Circle as a featured…

  • Bridge of Spies on Netflix
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    Now you can watch Bridge of Spies on Netflix

    It is almost to great to be true, but the very popular film Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks can already be seen on Netflix. Take a wild guess… in which Netflix region can you watch it? No surprise at all if you follow the Netflix tendencies when it comes to publishing new blockbusters! You guessed it right, Bridge of Spies can be seen on Netflix in the Canadian region. If you are located outside Canada I recently published an article telling you how to get access to Netflix in Canada from abroad, so read that article if you want to watch Bridge of Spies on Netflix in addition to…

  • The Da Vinci Code
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    Can I watch the Da Vinci Code on Netflix?

    Would you like to watch the Da Vinci Code on Netflix? Are you wondering if you can watch it on Netflix, and if yes, where you can watch it? On December 14th in 2015 the Da Vinci Code was made available on Netflix in the United States. I can not tell you for how long it will remain available on Netflix in USA, but at least it was made available, meaning that for a while you can watch it on US Netflix after that. If you wonder how you can watch US Netflix in another country then you can simply press the link and get more information about switching between…

  • Captain Phillips online
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    Watch Captain Phillips online on Netflix

    Tom Hanks is a great actor and in his role as Captain Phillips he is doing a great job again. His boat is first attacked by Somalian pirates, but they managed to escape. Unfortunately the pirates do not give up easily and the second time Captain Phillips and his crew is not that lucky and the boat is captured. In this film we can follow the pirates who capture Captain Phillips and later take him captive. We get to see the real faces of the pirates and meet some of their thoughts and dreams, and of course a desperate Captain Phillips who does his uttermost to solve the solution. You…