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    How to get access to UK Netflix? [Working in 2019]

    Would you like to watch UK Netflix while outside England? That can be done, but it is not very easy. Here is the solution! Let me first tell you that I can not guarantee that this will work forever as Netflix is always out there blocking access to servers and blocking IP addresses, but at the time writing this is working and this will give you access to UK Netflix wherever you might be in the world! If you try it and it should not work anymore, please write a comment and I will update the article and write about another solution that is working instead! The article was updated…

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    Should I get a UK or US Netflix account?

    If you are still considering getting yourself a Netflix account and you live in a nation where Netflix is not currently available, for example Spain or Turkey, then you probably already know that you can easily get yourself a Netflix account in both the United States and in the United Kingdom. But, which one to choose, UK or US Netflix account? There is no perfect answer to the question, but there are some things that are worth knowing in general before you make your decision. One of the things worth knowing is that there is no way of knowing the logic behind which films are released on US or UK…

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    Do I need a UK card to pay for UK Netflix?

    Maybe you consider getting yourself a subscription to the UK Netflix. Or maybe you consider whether to go for a UK Netflix or a US Netflix account. This can be a hard decision, but one thing that might talk in favor of the UK Netflix is that it is easier with payment. To pay for your US Netflix account you need a US Payment card, or you need a US PayPal account. It is quite easy to fix these things, but it is even easier to fix a UK Netflix account. Because, if you have a PayPal account, it does not really seem to matter where it is located, because…