• can i watch netflix with purevpn
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    Can I use PureVPN to watch Netflix?

    PureVPN is a leading VPN provider on the market, and it is both loved and hated. But, the most important when choosing a VPN provider is to find out if it will work and help you with whatever you need! So, what is the truth about PureVPN? Does it work with Netflix? If you do a quick Google search for the question, you will find all sorts of answers. Some will tell you that PureVPN doesn’t work with Netflix anymore in 2018, while other search results will tell you that PureVPN can be used to watch Netflix. So what is the truth about PureVPN and Netflix? Does it work? PureVPN…

  • Jackie Chan is hunting down the bad guys in The Foreigner
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    Watch The Foreigner on Netflix

    Yesterday I wanted to check if my instructions on how to access UK Netflix still works. As I did the test, I discovered the movie The Foreigner with Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan! I didn’t know anything about the movie, but it was something about it that made me curious. I have never seen a Jackie Chan movie earlier, so I thought now would be a perfect time to give it a try. I sat down, and it didn’t take many minutes before I saw the daughter of the character of Jackie Chan blown up in an explosion in London. And that is the storyline of the movie, how our…

  • road-is-closed-for-vpn-users
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    Is Amazon following in the footsteps of Netflix?

    I am not only blogging about Netflix, but also about Amazon Prime. Recently I have seen an increase of comments from people blocked by Amazon.com with the 4601 error message, also when using a VPN. For a long time it seemed as if Netflix was hunting down the IP addresses used by VPN providers all by themselves. No other streaming service or TV network seemed to take the battle against users overseas as Netflix did. That seems to change now however, because not only do Amazon users abroad suffer from VPN blocks and the 4601 error message, but the same can be experienced with quite a lot of other streaming…

  • Netflix hunting down VPN and SmartDNS providers

    Netflix breaking down on even more VPN providers

    The battle between Netflix and VPN providers has gone on since the start of 2016, and it hasn’t slowed down. Most people believed it to be a short battle which the VPN providers would win, but things seem to go in the other direction. Recently a company in Australia which has had unblocking US Netflix as their big profile threw in the towel and said that they can not help their customers anymore. Big VPN providers have fought for a long time, but it is a fact that fewer and fewer servers work with Netflix, and it gets harder and harder finding those working servers. The battle between Netflix and…

  • Watch US Netflix in the UK

    Can I use my Netflix subscription to watch Netflix in another nation?

    I have a US Netflix account, but would very much like to watch UK Netflix. Do I need a new subscription in the UK to watch UK Netflix, or is there some way in which I can use my US Netflix account to watch Netflix in the UK? There are quite some films available there that I would love to watch, that is the reason for me asking. Thanks a lot for asking, and that truly is a good question! It is also a very wise question, because most people do not even know the fact that there are loads of films and series available on Netflix in other countries,…

  • netflix-and-vpns

    Netflix and VPNs

    Are you using a VPN to watch Netflix? That can be a very wise thing, and there are several reasons why you might be using a VPN to watch Netflix. Many people believe the only reason to use a VPN to watch Netflix is to be able to watch Netflix in countries in which it is unavailable, but they are really wrong to believe that. One of the reasons we are writing this article at the moment are the recent news telling about the fact that Netflix might do their uttermost to block users using a VPN from their services. In other words, people with IP addresses known to belong…

  • Watch World Cup in the same way that you watch Netflix from abroad

    Do not only watch Netflix from abroad, watch the World Cup online!

    I have lots of visitors coming to this site to read more about how they can watch Netflix from abroad, how they can watch Netflix overseas, and similar Netflix related challenges and problems. If you have been to this site before, you probably know that I recommend using a VPN service which will help you get an IP address in the nation in which you have, or want to have, a Netflix account, and then you are ready to watch Netflix again from wherever you are in the world. The great news is that if you have such a subscription you can now just as well use it to watch…