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Collateral Beauty on Netflix

One of the most beautiful movies of 2016, Collateral Beauty, can now be seen on Netflix. Sounds good? At the moment, you can only stream Collateral Beauty on Scandinavian Netflix, that is if you reside in Norway, Sweden, Denmark of Finland. For a long time I had a working method that would help you get access to Norwegian Netflix from abroad, but unfortunately, that method doesn’t seem to work anymore.… Read More »

Is Focus on Netflix?

Focus is the film with Will Smith released in 2015. I remember watching this film myself, but it has not at all remained a good memory for me, so I am not a big fan of Focus. But, if you want to see it, then the question is whether or not Focus is on Netflix? The answer to that question is that Focus just arrived to Netflix, but you can… Read More »

Hitch now on US Netflix

If you are a fan of Will Smith and Hitch, then you will be pleased to find out that this film from 2005 has now been made available on Netflix in the USA. This is a comedy with Will Smith in the main role, playing a guy with expertise in the area of helping men find their dream girl. But, as always in films such as this one, the dating… Read More »