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    Watch High School Musical 3 on Netflix

    The High School Musical films were legendary a few years back and all teenagers sang the songs from the films. Now you can watch the final High School Musical film on Netflix. I do not actually remember if I have ever seen High School Musical 3, but I do know that I at least watched High School Musical 1 and 2 back when they were released. The biggest star in these films are Zac Efron who is the cute guy in love with Gabriella Montez (played by Vanessa Hudgens). The films are packed with songs that will get into your head, and if you are similar to me you will…

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    Watch Dirty Grandpa on Netflix

    Are you in the mood for a comedy with Robert de Niro and Zac Efron tonight? Dirty Grandpa is now on Netflix, so watch it if you have the chance and time. I have not seen Dirty Grandpa myself yet, but I know that it can now be seen on Canadian Netflix. If you haven’t ready my article yet, then to me Canadian Netflix is the best of all Netflix regions, because it is the region to which the Hollywood blockbusters come the fastest. Now it might at times to hard to get access to Canadian Netflix, but if you want to get access to it, then you can follow…

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    Watch Neighbors on Netflix

    Neighbors 2 is in the cinemas right now, and what better time to premiere Neighbors on Netflix. This is how and where you can watch it on Netflix. Neighbors was not at all a film after my taste. It was very predictable and almost boring, but still – it had some good humor. It might fall into the taste of parents who got a kid not long ago. There is lots of humor that speaks of raising a child and how it takes all your attention. But, what happens to the couple and their child as a group of crazy students become their closest neighbors? And that is not just…