Using the Netflix Enhancer (nEnhancer) – Is it worth it?

By | August 2, 2018

I will be testing some Netflix plugins in the coming days, and share my thoughts about them here. Today I have tested the so-called Enhancer, or Netflix Enhancer, or nEnhancer… different names for the same plugin.

The Netflix Enhancer plugin is a plugin that will help you understand more about a movie before you start watching it. The most important function I have discovered is the way it shows you a movie’s rating at IMDb and SIMKL before you start watching it. You can also get easy access to the trailer of the movie you are interested in.

The Netflix enhancer

The Netflix enhancer

If you check out the image above, you can see the IMDb rating, the SIMKL rating, and you can also press the movie icon to watch the trailer.

This is useful, but it isn’t that useful. Besides this, Enhancer also adds a dashboard on their website where you can see news of new episodes. I didn’t find it very useful, but I got one major surprise… The fourth season of Cuckoo will air on August 3rd on BBC in England. Hopefully, it will get to Netflix as well quickly. This is one of my favorite TV series, and I have missed it for a very long time. But, now it seems to return, and that makes me very happy.

I guess the Netflix Enhancer plugin is useful for some things, but I will uninstall it quite fast. I have read some old posts saying that the plugin contains some malware. That sounds frightening, but that is not the reason for me uninstalling the Netflix Enhancer plugin.

I want my browser to work and start smoothly. Any plugin or extension that might compromise that is uninstalled. And that will be the destiny of the Netflix enhancer plugin as well.

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