How to watch Netflix in Spain?

Watch Netflix in Spain

Netflix recently released news that Netflix is soon to be made available in even more European countries, but unfortunately Spain is not on the list. So, if you want to watch Netflix in Spain you will still have to use other solutions, and here we will explain you how you can enjoy and watch Netflix in Spain.

There are different reasons why you want to watch Netflix in Spain. Maybe you are a fan of the Netflix series produced especially for Netflix, such as Orange is the New Black, Lilyhammer or for example House of Cards. Or, maybe you simply want to enjoy the enormous amount of films and other stuff available to Netflix subscribers. So, to watch Netflix in Spain you need to sign up for an account in another nation, in one of the nations in which Netflix exists and is operating. The best nations thus are Netflix US and Netflix UK.

Please read the following article instead for updated information on how to get access to Spanish Netflix from abroad!

To sign up for a Netflix account in the United States or in the United Kingdom in Spain you need to get an IP address in either the UK or in the United States. The best way for doing so is by using Liberty Shield, a brilliant VPN provider. Once you have signed up you can download their VPN client which lets you connect to all their servers worldwide. Connect to a server in either the UK or in the USA, and then visit and sign up for your one month free Netflix trial and get started.Visit LibertyShield(start watching Netflix right away)

Click the button above and get started to sign up for a Netflix account from Spain within less than five minutes.

If Netflix later should become available in Spain, then you can use the same subscription later with HideMyAss to watch your Spanish Netflix from outside Spain.