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Where to watch War Machine online? On Netflix of course!

Did you know that the War Machine (2017) movie was created for and by Netflix? That is why you will not find it on other streaming services. Want to watch War Machine online? Visit

Netflix is on the move when it comes to producing movies, and they are going crazy bringing movies straight to the user, instead of first showing them in theaters and then releasing them to the public 4-5 months later. This is a move made by Netflix that might scare of some of the big movie companies, but it is very likely that both brands and methods will be able to work next to one another, without creating trouble for the other part.

War Machine on NEtflix

War Machine is a movie I have matched on Netflix, and I must admit that I agree with a review I read somewhere. In that review that said that the movie is hard to get, at times it feels like a comedy and parody, while it at other times seem to be a bit more serious. But, it isn’t funny enough to be a comedy, but it is not all serious enough to be taken seriously. So, I found the movie hard to get, and for that reason I was tempted to stop watching continuously throughout the movie.

At the moment you can stream War Machine in all Netflix regions out there, meaning that you do not need to worry about changing your Netflix region or so on, after all this is a Netflix production, made by Netflix as a gift to Netflix subscribers all around the globe.

Have you seen War Machine already? Did you enjoy it? Do you agree with me, or would you rather call this a masterpiece, or maybe a total bummer? The audience score of the movie at Rotten Tomatoes is currently 39% which is very low, meaning that the average viewer is far from satisfied. What about you?

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