Have you watched Naked on Netflix yet?

Did you enjoy the movie Groundhog Day? If your answer is yes, you might enjoy Naked as well. Or you might just hate it!

Naked is a Netflix original movie that was released on August 11th in 2017. I was immediately interested in the movie, mostly because it had a plot quite similar to Groundhog Day. I remember when Edge of Tomorrow was released a few years ago, I was quite skeptical due to the plot similarity with Groundhog Day. I did, however, end up loving the movie, and I have seen Edge of Tomorrow a couple of times since then. For that reason, I had great expectations to the Netflix original Naked.

Naked on NEtflix

What does it mean that Naked is a Netflix original?

The fact that Naked is a Netflix original means that it is produced by, or at least for, Netflix. A normal Netflix original movie is made available in all Netflix regions at once, meaning that no region switching is needed. A Netflix original movie is not released in cinemas but is made available directly on Netflix.

Is Naked worth streaming on Netflix?

I just watched Naked on Netflix, and I must admit that it was a fairly good movie. It wasn’t a splendid movie, and I will for sure not waste my time watching it again, but as a low-budget comedy to watch an evening with someone you love, it is okay.

You can now stream Naked on every single Netflix region in the universe, so go ahead and stream it.

The Naked plot

A guy is about to get married to a girl coming from a rich family. He isn’t the best quality guy, according to the family of the girl, and thus they would love for the girl to find another husband instead. On the actual wedding day, our guy wakes up naked in an elevator with no remembrance of what happened the evening before. He now needs to get to the wedding on time, get some clothes, and fix with lots of details related to the wedding before the wedding bells ring. Can he do it? He tries over and over again, but he always ends waking up naked in the elevator over and over again.

Have you seen Naked on Netflix? Did you enjoy the movie?

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