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What’s up with South Korean Netflix?

I like to stay up to date on movies coming to Netflix, and recently South Korea has popped up several times as an interesting Netflix region.

At I write about movies coming to Netflix, how to access different Netflix regions and other Netflix related news. Recently, I have been looking for a way to access South Korean Netflix, but I haven’t found a way yet. But, why did I catch an interest in South Korean Netflix?

South Korean Netflix is interesting
South Korean Netflix is interesting

What makes South Korean Netflix interesting?

To be honest, one of the movies I never expected to get to Netflix, just arrived… to South Korean Netflix. I do not want to watch it (as I already have and found the movie to be incredibly boring), but it still is interesting. South Korean Netflix just got their hands on the movie for which Casey Affleck won an Academy Award, Manchester by the Sea. It was so boring, but what makes this interesting is that it is an Amazon Original production. I didn’t really expect this movie to come to Netflix at all, but now it is here, on South Korean Netflix.

Manchester by the sea on netflix
Manchester by the Sea on Netflix

Much more interesting is the arrival of Blade Runner 2049 on South Korean Netflix. I watched the movie in the cinema, and again, I was bored. But, I know people were amazed at this movie and all the visual effects, so I guess I am the problem here. But, again… how did this end up at South Korean Netflix as the first region on which it can be streamed? I have no clue!

blade runner 2049 on netflix
blade runner 2049 on netflix

And then we have Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. This is yet another Hollywood blockbuster movie from 2017 which can be seen on South Korean Netflix already. I watched this at the cinema, and it was a positive surprise for me. It isn’t a fantastic movie, but the younger generation might like this adventure movie.

Flatliners is the last movie I will mention that just got added to South Korean Netflix. Here we follow some medical students who decide to stop their hearts for some minutes. They get tons of energy afterward, and it is crazy… until things get scary.

flatliners on Netflix
flatliners on Netflix

What can I say?

South Korean Netflix seems to be a fantastic place to watch Hollywood blockbusters. But, I still do not know of a way to get access to the region, so as of know, I just have to wait for the movies to come elsewhere, or buy a plane ticket to South Korea.

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