When can I watch Cuckoo season 4 on Netflix?

The fourth season of Cuckoo premiered on BBC 3 in England on August 3rd. I have watched all six episodes already, but the question on everybody’s mind is, when will Cuckoo season 4 come to Netflix?

We all had to wait for a long time for the fourth season of Cuckoo. It took years for BBC to produce the season, but then it suddenly showed up in August 2018. I was so happy the moment I noticed it, and I quickly watched all six seasons of Cuckoo on BBC. Maybe you would like to do the same, but don’t know how it can be done? Read these instructions on how to watch BBC from abroad, and watch it right away.

But, we had to wait for a long time for the fourth season to be released on BBC. And do you know what we had to wait a long time for as well? For the earlier seasons to get to Netflix.

The fourth Cuckoo series on Netflix
The fourth Cuckoo series on Netflix

When will the 4th season of Cuckoo get to Netflix?

I cannot say anything for sure, but if you look at the image about, you can see that the episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer for 5 months. My theory is that Cuckoo season 4 will remain a BBC only for this period of time. Once it expires at the BBC website, or maybe they will renew it (and let people watch it like they can watch the first three seasons), then it will be made available on other platforms as well, including Netflix.

In other words, my guess is that the fourth season of Cuckoo will be made available on Netflix sometime during the late winter, or spring of 2019. It is only a wild guess, but it is better than nothing.

Will you wait season 4 to get to Netflix, or will you watch it on BBC right away? I did not manage to wait, I was too excited about the new season. And I must admit, I really enjoyed the fourth season. The British humor in Cuckoo is awesome, and all the characters are so vital to the series. They are all funny in their own way, and especially Steve is hilarious (together with the rest of the characters).

You have a lot to look forward to in the fourth season of Cuckoo. The only question is whether or not you will watch it on Netflix in who knows how many months, or if you will go ahead and watch it on BBC online right away?

Have you seen Cuckoo season 4 already? How did you like it?

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