When will La La Land come to Netflix

By | April 19, 2017

Watch La La Land on NetflixLa La Land has just been released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the United States. When will La La Land come to Netflix?

It is impossible to predict when a movie will come to Netflix, but if you compare it with other similar movies, then my first guess would be around July 2017. Last year Mad Max: Fury Road and Spotlight were among the big winners during the Academy Awards, and both these movies were made available during the summer of 2016. Based on that my guess is that La La Land will come to Netflix sometime this summer, but that is for sure only true about a few regions.

My first guess is that La La Land will first be made available on Canadian Netflix, as that is the region getting the biggest blockbusters fastest of all regions. That was true about both Mad Max: Fury Road and about Spotlight, so why shouldn’t it be true about La La Land.

There are however a few exceptions when brilliant movies are made available on US Netflix first, something that was true about Finding Dory, the brand new Pixar movie.

Is it worth waiting for La La Land?

If you are a big fan of Ryan Gssling and Emma Stone, then the answer is probably yes. I am quite a big fan of both actors, but I have to be honest and say that La La Land was incredibly boring. It is a long time since I was so bored watching a movie, and the incredible truth is that I did not manage to finish the movie. That is almost impossible, considering that I feel like Sheldon Cooper who has to finish whatever I start.

There is however one more example of a movie I did not manage to finish recently. Guess what, Ryan Gosling was playing in that movie as well, and it was The Nice Guys.

Now maybe you completely disagree with me, and that is very fine. But, if you feel like doing so, write a comment and tell me why I am so wrong!

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