Best way to watch Netflix in Nigeria

If you live in Nigeria and really want to watch all the films and series available at Netflix, you have already found out a long time back that if you visit in Nigeria you will only get a message telling you that you can not watch Netflix at your location.

After getting that message you might get very discouraged at once, but then you sit down and type down your complaints in Google or in Bing asking for help to find out how you can watch Netflix in Nigeria anyway. It really is a good thing that you have not given up yet, because you are just about to find an answer to your question, meaning that you will soon be able to watch Netflix in Nigeria, at least if you are willing to use a few dollars to do so.

Netflix in Nigeria
It is easy to watch Netflix in Nigeria

Watch Netflix in Nigeria

To watch Netflix in Nigeria you need to make believe that you are located somewhere else, in a nation where Netflix can be viewed and where people can register themselves as Netflix users. The nation in which Netflix is the most popular worldwide is of course the United States, and then comes nations such as Canada and the United Kingdom afterwards. So, to fix your problem, you need to get an IP address in any of these nations.

[stextbox id=”info” caption=”What is an IP address, and how does this work?”]This section is only if you want to actually how a VPN works. If you are not interested, and just want the solution, jump to the next section and skip this one. An IP address is your digital address. Everytime you visit a website your digital address, your IP address, is given to the website, and thus webmasters can discriminate and provide different content to different people, based on their geographical location. That is what Netflix does. However, a VPN, a Virtual Private Network, is something that messes things up, because as you connect to a server provided by a VPN provider, let us say in the United Kingdom, all your traffic on the Internet will be directed through that server, and thus all your online activity will seem to origin from that server, and not from your actual location. In that way you will surf with an IP address in England, and suddenly you can visit and sign up for a free 30-day trial.[/stextbox]

Lets get started watching Netflix in Nigeria

Now that you have the technical background, it is time to get some action. The best VPN provider for the purpose of watching Netflix in for example Canada, UK or in the USA is HideMyAss. They have servers in all these nations, and more than 100 other nations. If you visit their website you sign up for their services, download their VPN client and connect to a server in USA/UK/Canada, and visit again (you will need to restart your browser first). You are now ready to watch Netflix in Nigeria.

HideMyAss website
If you should not be satisfied, HideMyAss has a thirty day full refund policy, meaning that you will get all your money back, so there is no risk in trying this at all! Enjoying watching Netflix, and if you have comments, just write!

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