Can I watch Netflix on Amazon Fire TV abroad?

Fire TV and NetflixThe answer to your question is yes! If you have an Amazon Fire TV or maybe an Amazon Fire TV Stick and you are currently somewhere outside the USA you can still enjoy and watch Netflix using your stick or TV box.

To make this work the very best way is to have a working VPN subscription to PureVPN and make sure to include their SmartDNS service. Then you need to make some modifications to your router, meaning that you tell it to use the DNS servers provided by PureVPN, and then later you will need to block the Netflix application from by standard using the Google DNS servers. This is quite complicated, but you can read more about how to fix it in this article.

If you make these modifications on a router level you will at once be able to enjoy Netflix on your Amazon Fire TV or using your Fire TV Stick also outside the United States.

Another way is to use PureVPN and connect to a VPN server in the United States. Your computer will then get an American IP address. Later in the PureVPN application they have now just introduced a new function which they call Virtual Router – Virtual Hotspot. You can find this under Settings in the menu. Activate it and now you can use this WiFi network as you setup your Fire TV or your Fire TV Stick, and it should be working again. The only problem I had was that the Virtual Router function did not really work, so instead I used Connectify which is a Virtual Router application for Windows and it worked great.

All in all the answer is yes… it is possible to watch Netflix using a Fire TV or a Fire TV Stick abroad, but to watch the US Netflix you will need to make the Netflix application believe you are in the United States, something that can be done by using one of the two mentioned methods in this article!

More information about watching Netflix from abroad can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Can I watch Netflix on Amazon Fire TV abroad?”

  1. this setup does no longer work, since netflix is using google DNS to override any smart DNS.
    using VPN will give you around 10% of the actual speed of your internet speed, which will also prevent you from watching normal streamed videos.

    1. Hello Andi,

      seems as if you did not really read the article, because I have already written that you will need to block the Google DNS servers, and I have also linked to article describing how that is done. I also refer to PureVPN which do have both a VPN and a SmartDNS service available, so no need to worry about slow VPNs either 🙂

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