Can I watch Blade Runner on Netflix?

Blade RunnerBlade Runner 2049 is currently in theaters across the world, and I just watched it. But, I haven’t seen the original movie yet. Can I watch the original Blade Runner movie on Netflix?

The original Blade Runner movie was made back in 1982. It has turned into a cult-movie, and it has millions of fans worldwide. The original movie still has a great 8,2/10 score at IMDb, and people were curious to see whether the successor could become as good as the original.  Now the successor is in the cinema and it has received a whole lot of praise. I watched it as well, without having seen the original movie first. I must admit that it was a brilliant movie coming to effects, sounds and images, but I still was a bit bored as I watched it.

I am, however, curious about the original movie, and for that reason I looked on Netflix for information on whether I could stream Blade Runner on Netflix or not. The answer is…

Can I watch Blade Runner on Netflix?

At the moment you can not stream Blade Runner in any single Netflix region, so if you want to watch it, buy the movie on and watch it online as an Instant Video right away.

If I later discover news about Blade Runner on Netflix, or maybe Blade Runner 2049, I will update this article. You can also help me keeping this article up to date as you write a comment if you find any of these movies on a Netflix region somewhere in the world.


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