Watch God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness on Netflix

The third movie in the God’s Not Dead series was released earlier in 2018, and as of December 4th in 2018, you can stream it on Netflix in the USA.

Gods not dead 3 on netflix
God’s Not Dead 3 is on US Netflix as of December 2018

I have earlier written about the best Christian movies on Netflix, and if I know about it, this movie would probably have made it onto the list. But, when I wrote the article and created the video, it wasn’t there yet, and thus I could not include it on the list.

But, I haven’t watched God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness yet, but hopefully, I will be able to watch it within the coming days.

In this movie, we meet Reverend David Hill (who has also been in the previous two movies), and his church is destroyed in a fire. What will happen with the church now? Should it be allowed to keep up with its activity on campus, or should Christianity be sent away from the campus?

You can watch the movie trailer right here.

Have you seen God’s Not Dead 3? How did you like the movie? Were you satisfied? Was it as good as the earlier God’s Not Dead movies? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about the movie! I will come back and share more of my thoughts about the movie after watching it.

If you want to watch it on US Netflix, read more on how you can access US Netflix right here.

Which are the best Christian movies on Netflix in 2018?

Are you out there looking for a great Christian movie that you can watch on Netflix? I have just compiled a list and a video presenting the eight best Christian movies on Netflix (based on my knowledge and research).

I will write more about the movies beneath, but first, take a look at the 3-minute YouTube video for more information about the different movies, and for a little taste about what they are all about.

Notice that the video was created in November 2018, so this compilation will most likely remain true in 2019 as well. In other words, if you read this article or watch the video in 2019, the information is most likely correct then as well!

The best Christian movies on Netflix in 2018

God’s Not Dead 1&2

Both God’s Not Dead 1 and God’s Not Dead 2 are movies worth watching. The first one deals with the subject of faith and resisting God, while the second movie deals with how God is removed from public schools. Both movies are encouraging and worth watching!


A movie about the challenges of being a Godly father, and about living out your Christian life with integrity. It also touches subjects such as tragedy.

The Shack

This is the movie based on the world-famous book written by Paul Young. This is a real Hollywood production, making it a very high-quality movie with a fantastic message.

The Shack on Netflix
Watch The Shack on Netflix

War Room

Everyone wants to have a woman like a lady you meet in the War Room in their neighborhood. If you have trouble praying, or want an encouragement to pray more, watch this movie and you will for sure be touched.

A Matter of Faith

This is quite similar to God’s Not Dead, but still touches it all from a very different perspective. When a girl is sent to college and her professor clearly denies the existence of God, the girl, and her faith is challenged. But, what can the father of the girl do in order to help her out?

The Case for Christ

Have you ever heard about Lee Strobl? He is the journalist that turned everything upside down to find the truth about Jesus. He traveled, he studied, and what happened? Watch The Case for Christ and find out!

Faith like Giants

This is a movie more than ten years old, but it is still encouraging, and it encourages you to have faith like a giant. It tells the story of a coach who faces struggles in his personal life, but also as a coach. He decides to set God first, and to bring God glory in everything!

The Case for Christ on Netflix
The Case for Christ on Netflix

Which is your favorite Christian movie (on Netflix?)

Do you have a favorite Christian movie? Can it be seen on Netflix? I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments!


Can I watch Silence (2016) on Netflix?

Silence on NetflixSilence (2016) is a movie that shouts, while it speaks about the silence of God, when you eagerly long to hear God’s voice in the midst of trouble and hardships. And yes, that is what Silence is about.

The Martin Scorsese movie tells us the story about Jesuit priests traveling to Japan to share their faith and help believers in the 17th century. They are also there to find their former master, who they know little about, except from rumors about him abandoning his faith. The movie is a challenging movie, a historical movie and a movie that asks hard questions about faith and whether or not abandoning your faith is an acceptable deed if the lives of others depend on it.

If you haven’t seen Silence yet, then you are for sure waiting for the movie to arrive to Netflix. So far it has not yet been made available, but I expect it to show up in the first Netflix regions within the coming 2-3 months. I will update this article as soon as that happens, so that you will get to know where and how you can watch Silence on Netflix, once it has been made available.

Watch Silence on Netflix

To be updated at once when the movie is made available.

Is it worth waiting for Silence?

It is absolutely worth waiting for Silence to arrive to Netflix. Once it has arrived you can start watching, but you should be prepared knowing that this is a 2 1/2 hour movie, meaning that it lasts for a long time. It is also a tough movie to watch, meaning that it isn’t the movie you sit down to enjoy with 4-5 liters of popcorn. This is a movie hard to watch, but it is still worth watching.

Watch Ben-Hur (1959) and Ben-Hur (2016) on Netflix

Watch Ben Hur on NetflixThe original Ben-Hur movie from 1959 is one of the greatest pieces in film-history. Now you can watch the Ben-Hur from 1959 and Ben-Hur from 2016 on Netflix.

In Ben-Hur we meet a Jewish prince who is betrayed by a friend. He is forced to live a life as a slave, but he escapes from captivity, but life doesn’t become easy anyway. Among the people he meets is Jesus Christ, and the story is not only fantastic, it is touching!

If you want to watch Ben-Hur on Netflix, then it can of course be done. The original movie from 1959 has received fantastic critics everywhere, and it is one of the big classics in the movie world.  The movie made in 2016 has received poor critics, but if you are a Ben-Hur fan, or maybe a big fan of the city of Rome, then these movies are still worth watching.

Watch Ben-Hur on Netflix (1959)

You can watch the original Ben-Hur movie in the following Netflix regions.

  • France
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland

To find out more about how you can change your Netflix region to any of these regions, click here.

Watch Ben-Hur on Netflix (2016)

If you feel more interested in the modern version of the movie, then you can stream it in the following regions.

  • Ireland
  • United Kingdom

To find out more about how you can get access to UK Netflix, press the link.

Now you should be ready to stream the fantastic story of Ben-Hur on Netflix. I haven’t done it yet, but I will do my uttermost to watch both the movies in a short while. I have seen the original before, but it is such a fantastic movie, that one should at least watch it a couple of more times.

Have a great time streaming Ben-Hur on Netflix. If you have comments or questions related to streaming the movies on Netflix, or you simply want to share your thoughts on the movies, do so writing a comment beneath.


Watch Hillsong: Let Hope Rise on Netflix

The movie about Hillsong worship named Let Hope Rise has now arrived to Netflix. Feel like watching it? Can’t find it? Maybe it isn’t in your region yet!

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise is a movie from 2015 and it tells the story of Hillsong worship. It doesn’t only let you get to know more about Hillsong worship and get to know some of the leading characters, but it will also let you sing a long with the worshippers as you listen to and watch some of the most famous and popular Hillsong worship songs of the day.

The Hillsong: Let Hope Rise movie lasts for about 1 hour and 45 minutes, and it is produced by Pure Flix, the same company that also stands behind movies like God’s Not Dead (1 and 2), Do You Believe and other Christian productions.

Watch Hillsong Let Hope Rise on Netflix
Watch Hillsong Let Hope Rise on Netflix

Watch Hillsong: Let Hope Rise on Netflix

If you want to watch the Hillsong movie on Netflix, then it can be done, but currently it is only available in one single Netflix region, and that is Canadian Netflix.

To get access to Canadian Netflix outside of Canada, follow the instructions right here. And yes, if you get access to Canadian Netflix you can also watch quite a lot of other great Christian content there, so you will for sure have a good time doing so.

Have you see the Hillsong: Let Hope Rise movie? Was it like you expected? Was it better, worse? Why don’t you take a few minutes and write a comment beneath to let me know your thoughts about the movie.

Can I stream Miracles from Heaven on Netflix?

Miracles from Heaven on NetflixAre there miracles in this world today? Maybe it would be a miracle if you could stream Miracles from Heaven on Netflix? It can be done, but maybe not in your region!

If you want to know more about Miracles from Heaven, then I suggest you read the following Miracles from Heaven review for more information. In short the movie is about a Christian family who suddenly gets their lives turned upside down as their daughter turns in very sick. The doctors doesn’t give the child much chance to survive, and at the same time church members accuse the family of living in sin, being the reason for why the child is suffering. As you can understand this is a movie which deals with some tough subjects, and if you feel like watching Miracles from Heaven on Netflix, then that might not be the worst idea ever.

Watch Miracles from Heaven on Netflix

Jennifer Garner has received lots of praise for her role as the mother in this movie. If you feel like streaming Miracles from Heaven on Netflix, then it can currently be seen in the following Netflix regions:

  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong

Well, that might be a bummer for you if you live somewhere else. I will do my best to update this article, so as soon as I noticed this movie arriving to other Netflix regions I will update this article. If you know anything about this movie and its availability in other Netflix regions, please write a comment and let me know!

Have you seen Miracles from Heaven? Did you enjoy the movie? Did you find it to be encouraging, or maybe the opposite? I would love to hear your thoughts about the movie, so write a comment beneath after you have streaming Miracles from Heaven on Netflix (or elsewhere).


Watch God’s Not Dead 2 on Netflix

One of the most anticipated Christian productions in 2016 was God’s Not Dead 2. It was released during early summer in 2016 and by the end of November 2016 you can watch God’s Not Dead 2 on Netflix.

Well, you can not watch it in all Netflix regions. To be honest you can only watch it in one single Netflix region at the moment, and that region is Canadian Netflix. Now, most Netflix users live outside Canada and if that is you then I recommend that you go ahead and purchase this movie instead. It is a great movie that will inspire and encourage and maybe even challenge you. And it might be a movie you will want to watch more than once, and that is why you might want to buy it instead.

Now you can watch God’s Not Dead 2 on Netflix

What is God’s Not Dead 2 about?

In this movie you meat a teacher who has to go to trial for quoting the Bible during one of her classes in school. She has to defend her action, something that will prove to be much harder than she could ever imagine.

Would you like to know more about God’s Not Dead 2? You can read the following God’s Not Dead 2 review or read about the movie on Rotten Tomatoes.

With time God’s Not Dead 2 will hopefully turn available on other Netflix regions as well, and as it does I will try to update this article. There are quite a lot of Christian content available on Netflix, so if you have your eyes open there will be several movies and also teaching series available in different Netflix regions here and there.

Do you have any favorite Christian content on Netflix that you like to watch? Write a comment and let me know!

Should I watch God’s Not Dead 2 on Netflix?

If you have the chance then my answer is absolutely yes! This is a production from Pureflix, a Christian version of Netflix and if you want to you can find out more about Pureflix at their website at

Watch War Room on Netflix

Did you know that Netflix can help you get a hold on your spiritual life? There are some fantastic movies on the topic of prayer, and now the best of them all is on Netflix. Do not miss out on War Room on Netflix!

I will not write a whole lot about the film War Room, but if you would like to read a War Room review just press the link for an article on the subject.

War Room is produced by the same crew that made Courageous, Faith like Giants and Fireproof. This is following in the same style, and the subject of War Room is the power of prayer. We meet an old lady who loves prayer, but who also looks for someone she can teach about prayer. Often hard surroundings force us to our knees, and that is what happens in this film as well.

Watch War Room on Netflix.

If you want to watch War Room on Netflix you might have to wait for a while. It can be found on Netflix, but only in a few regions.

At the moment you can watch War Room in the following Netflix regions:

Phillippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Austria, France and Taiwan

Now you can watch War Room in some Netflix regions

If you know of any other regions on which you can watch War Room on Netflix, please write a comment and let me know.

If you do not have access to any of these Netflix regions then you can for example watch War Room on, you can buy it as a Google Video or you can buy it in Apple Store. There are lots of ways in which you can watch War Room online, but the best is of course if it will turn available in your Netflix region in the future.

  • I wrote an article about one year ago on the best Christian movies on Netflix. If you haven’t read that article yet, make sure to read it and hopefully the movies you are interested in will still be available in the Netflix regions mentioned.

Have you seen War Room? Did you like it? I can for sure recommend this film. Why not write a few sentences on whether or not you liked the movie? I would love to hear from you!


Watch Woodlawn on Netflix

Woodlawn is a quite serious film telling the story of how racial segregation destroy, while the love of God comes to reconcile and bring peace. Now you can watch Woodlawn on Netflix!

In Woodlawn we are taken to a school in which the black and white people are separated from one another, except from on the football ground. And when a preacher comes to the school inspired by the Jesus People and the Jesus Movement a major change takes place in the hearts of the players and the coach, and they suddenly turn into a big example for their surroundings.

Woodlawn on Netflix
Now you can watch Woodlawn on Netflix

Woodlawn on Netflix

If you want to watch Woodlawn on Netflix featuring for example Sean Astin (from the Lord of the Rings films) you will have to tune in to Canadian Netflix. That can be done quite easily following these instructions. If you follow those you will probably get lots of value for your investment, because there is little doubt about the fact that Canadian Netflix is the best Netflix region for those who love blockbusters and films that recently could be seen in theaters.

Woodlawn is a film that share a lot of similarities to Selma, a film about Martin Luther King. Selma can also be seen on Netflix, so if you have some hours to spare, why not watch both Selma and Woodlawn on Netflix tonight? You can also watch Woodlawn on, so just press the link and get access to it there. If you are located outside the US you need to follow these instructions to watch Amazon Instant Videos from abroad. Another film quite similar is the film All The Way, an HBO productions that you can now watch online on HBO Now. You can find more information about watching HBO Now overseas here.

Have you seen Woodlawn? Did you enjoy the film? Why not use 30 seconds to share your thoughts on the film using the comment field beneath?

Watch Fireproof on Netflix

Not long ago I wrote about how you can watch Courageous at Netflix, and now a similar film has been made available as well, Fireproof.

Fireproof is a must see film for those who are married and have a good marriage, who are planning on getting married or who are fighting in what can be called a bad marriage. Fireproof tells the story of a guy who is having trouble in his marriage, but instead of backing out he decides to put up a real fight to actually save his marriage. He is doing his uttermost to change himself and to respect his wife. Instead of complaining on the other person and blaming his spouse, he needs to change himself and how he speaks to his wife, how he treats his wife and so much more.Fireproof on Netflix

Fireproof on Netflix

At the moment you can watch Fireproof on South American Netflix, that means in Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica and some more nations. To find out more about how you can get access to these and other Netflix regions visit the front page and see articles on how to get access to the Netflix region you are interested in.

I hope you will enjoy watching Fireproof, and if you have any comments or questions after watching the film, please use the comment field beneath.

If you like Fireproof and similar Christian films, then you should also visit my article about the best Christian films on Netflix.