Hemlock Grove season two now available on Netflix

Maybe you have been waiting even more for season two of Hemlock Grove than you have been waiting for season two of Lilyhammer? In both cases July 11th is a beautiful day for you, because today Netflix made season two of both series available online on Netflix.

Hemlock Grove is a kind of dark story about a girl that has been murdered, and now they are looking for the one behind the evil deed. But, in Hemlock things are not as bright and easy as they are several other places, and that is why it turns out harder to find the killer than you might think in the first place. Now with season two added many people will go ahead and watch the entire season online at once, without a stop. Will you? Share your thoughts on Hemlock Grove season 2 as you are finished, and let the world know how you liked it!

Lilyhammer season 2, now on Netflix

Lilyhammer is a very popular Netflix series that received lots of praise and good critics for its first season. This week the second season was made available on Netflix as well, so if you are interested in watching Lilyhammer Season 2, then you can do so now.


Lilyhammer Season 2 has been made available on both US Netflix, UK Netflix and for example Norwegian Netflix, so there are lots of opportunities and ways for everyone interested in watching this praised series with Steven Van Zandt in the main role.

For more information on the series, you can also take a look at the Lilyhammer information beneath, gathered from the Internet Movie Database, IMDB.

Enjoy the second season of Lilyhammer, and feel free to write any thoughts and comments at the bottom of this article.