Can I stream Medici season 3 on Netflix?

Medici is a TV series with a special atmosphere, due to the period in history which it tries to portray and show. It has received great popularity in Italy, and the show has also been aired in more than 100 other countries. Is Medici season 3 on Netflix?

But, if you are interested in streaming Medici: Masters of Florence season 3 (and also the first two seasons) on Netflix, then you might have a hard time doing so.

Where I live, if I visit Netflix and search for Medici, all I find is the TV show Married to Medicine. Now, that isn’t exactly what you might be looking for, so what can you do to find the actual show Medici instead?

medici on netflix

Which country do you want to visit?

Currently, you can stream Medici season 1-3 on Netflix in four countries.

  • India
  • Canada
  • USA
  • United Kingdom

These are all countries worth visiting, and if you go to New York and sit down to sip a cup of coffee in Starbucks and use the local WiFi, you will be able to open Netflix and find Medici at once. The same is true if you visit Delhi in India, Liverpool in the UK, or Toronto in Canada.

But, what if you live in Stockholm in Sweden, or maybe in Mexico City in Mexico? What can you do to stream and watch Medici season 3 on Netflix then? It is really easy.

There are lots of VPN providers out there, but there is only one VPN that will give you access to the Netflix content in all the four mentioned countries. That is SurfsharkVPN. You can read more about how SurfsharkVPN works with Netflix right here, or you can just click the button below to visit the website of the VPN provider.

Visit Surfshark VPN(and watch Netflix right away)

Don’t worry. SurfsharkVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, so if you don’t like it, you can just ask for a refund and you will get your money back!

When you have bought a VPN subscription, don’t worry about which VPN protocol to use, don’t worry about if it is hard or easy to use. All you need is to follow the instructions on the website and download the application to your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Windows computer, Macintosh, Linux computer, or to your Fire TV. In fact, you can download it to all those devices and use it simultaneously (with only one subscription), so this is real gold.

Now you open the application and connect to a server in one of the four countries and you will be ready to watch Medici season 3 on Netflix.

One little extra information… if you connect to a server in a country not supported by SurfsharkVPN, you will see the content of US Netflix instead. So, why not connect to a VPN server in a country near you. You will quickly notice whether you see the content of that country, or if you see the content of US Netflix instead. In that way, you will save some bandwidth and speak, compared to connecting to a server in the USA when you live in Egypt, Finland, or somewhere else.

Was this information helpful? Are you ready to watch Richard Madden in Medici? I loved the guy for his role in Bodyguard (the BBC series that could be streamed on Netflix as well), and I also enjoyed his role in Game of Thrones. But, if you want to see even more of him, go ahead and watch Medici instead. In the first season of Medici, you will also be able to get a glimpse of Dustin Hoffmann. In season 2 and 3, another star from the first season of Game of Thrones, Sean Bean will show up.

Enjoy the show and have a good time. If you want more information about Netflix related topics, which VPN to use, or just news about upcoming titles, make sure to add a bookmark to this page.

If you need help streaming Medici season 3 on Netflix, write a comment and I will do my best to help!

Where can I watch Twin Peaks on Netflix?

Are you a fan of the original Twin Peaks series? Or have you only heard of Twin Peaks, but never actually see the show? It is one of the most legendary shows ever and had fans all across the world back in the days.

Unfortunately, the show still has lots of fans, but they are all unable to see it since Twin Peaks is hard to find on Netflix. The truth is, you can only watch Twin Peaks on Netflix in the United States, and that is the only country in the world where it can be streamed. What can we all do about that?

Twin Peaks Netflix

You can jump on a flight and bring your cellphone and your notebook along. When you get safely to the United States, you find a WiFi spot, open your Netflix app, and you can stream Twin Peaks on Netflix. You don’t need an additional Netflix subscription for this to work, your current Netflix subscription is enough.

But, who wants to buy an airplane ticket to watch Twin Peaks on US Netflix? Nobody! I would love to visit the USA, but that is not to watch Twin Peaks on Netflix, but to visit all the famous attractions and cities I have seen in movies for such a long time.

But, what can you do to watch Twin Peaks on Netflix if you live elsewhere?

You are in luck, because I will explain you a much easier way in which you can watch the movies and TV series on US Netflix wherever you might be in the world. It can be fixed in a few minutes, and it will give you access to everything available on US Netflix at once. Besides this, it will also give you access to whatever is on Netflix in Canada, the UK, in the Netherlands, and in some more countries.

What to do?

  • First of all, you need to purchase a VPN subscription to PureVPN or NordVPN. You will find links to both websites below. They both have big discounts right now, and money-back guarantees valid for 30 days. In other words, you can just ask and get your money back if you don’t like the product.
Unblock Netflix with NordVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)

Click the button above to visit the NordVPN website.

Watch American Netflix with PureVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)

PureVPN is the cheapest option if you purchase their 1-month plan. Click the button to check their prices right away!

  • Download the VPN client of the VPN service you decide to use.
  • Start the application and connect to a server in the United States.
  • Open your Netflix app or go to
  • Search for Twin Peaks.
  • You will now find Twin Peaks on US Netflix, and you can start streaming immediately!

Isn’t that just awesome? Do not forget that you can also watch other fantastic shows on US Netflix like Person of Interest, The Twilight Zone, and many others that you cannot find elsewhere in the world.

If you want to do something cool, then connect to a server in Japan with your selected VPN service. You will then be able to watch the movie Joker on Netflix (Japan is the only country at the moment in which this movie can be streamed online).

About Twin Peaks

The series Twin Peaks premiered on TV in the United States in 1990. For some reason, it was cancelled already after two seasons, but in that short period, it turned into a cult series, with millions of fans still worldwide. Many people refer to Twin Peaks as one of the best TV series ever, and someone call it a crosspoint in the world of TV series.

Twin Peaks is a detective fiction series with some humor, action, and a quite dark story.

The third season (and final season) of Twin Peaks was released in 2017. The final season is still not available on Netflix.

It is really easy, and it is so fun when you can get access to so much more content on Netflix. You do not need an additional Netflix account, all you need is a VPN subscription to NordVPN or PureVPN.

I will tell you a secret as well. There are many other VPN services on the market, but Netflix is blocking almost all of them. That is why it is important to use a VPN that will give you access to the countries that you really need access to. That is why PureVPN and SurfsharkVPN are such great services, simply because they give you access to Netflix content in so many countries, in addition to US Netflix.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you have comments or questions, or want to share your thoughts on Twin Peaks, write them in the comment field below.

I also recommend that you follow our YouTube channel for more Netflix news and clips and that you place a bookmark here at in order to stay up to date with which VPNs are the best for Netflix, and so much more.

Can I watch New Girl season 7 on Netflix?

The seventh season of New Girl is also the final season of this popular TV show. If you haven’t seen the final season of New Girl just yet, this is a golden opportunity to do so, as you can stream it on Netflix. Doesn’t that sound good?

Maybe you are confused by the words I am writing right now. After all, you cannot find New Girl season 7 on Netflix. In fact, maybe you cannot find New Girl at all on Netflix. Well, that is very possible, but it is still out there. The only truth is that it cannot be streamed in your country. But, that is easy to fix, and if you want to watch New Girl season 7 and all the other seasons on Netflix, you can either follow the instructions in the video below, or just keep on reading this article.

Have you watched the video above? Click the button below to visit the ExpressVPN website at once.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

Did you skip watching the clip above? Here you have the simple instructions!

How to watch New Girl season 7 on Netflix

To watch New Girl on Netflix, including the seventh season, you will need two things.

  1. A Netflix subscription (which I hope you have already)
  2. A VPN subscription to ExpressVPN.

Now, that is mostly everything you need. Do you know why? Because, you can use ExpressVPN to change your IP address and to encrypt your online activity. It might sound very complicated and advanced, but it is supereasy. It is all about purchasing a subscription (easy), download the VPN application (easy), opening the application and clicking on the American flag.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

ExpressVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, and you can use one subscription on 5 devices simultaneously.

If you have done that, you will be connected to a server in the United States and you will get an American IP address. This will make you ready to watch New Girl season 7 on Netflix. And, you will also be able to watch all the other great content available on Netflix in the United States.

Are you finished watching New Girl on Netflix?

Use ExpressVPN, but this time connect to a server in Canada. You will find lots of awesome movies and TV shows on Canadian Netflix, and ExpressVPN will help you stream Canadian Netflix abroad. If that is cool, try connecting to servers in Germany, France, Italy, UK, Netherlands, and in Japan! As you probably understand, there are lots of opportunities and things you can do once you have a VPN subscription to ExpressVPN.

Are you going to miss New Girl as the show is finished? Do you have any other favorite show that you want to stream on Netflix? Write a comment and I will tell you how and where to stream it (if it is available on Netflix at all).

If you need some help along the way, write a comment as well!

Where can I watch Madam Secretary season 6 on Netflix?

The sixth season of Madam Secretary is also the final season of this popular TV show. Are you looking for a way to watch Madam Secretary season 6 on Netflix? Where can you find it?

To be honest, Madam Secretary is one of the hardest TV shows out there to stream on Netflix. Do you know why? You can only find Madam Secretary on Netflix in one single country and that is in the United States. Of course, that makes it way easier to watch than The Mandalorian, a Disney+ original show that you cannot find on Netflix at all. So, it could be worse, considering that not all shows can be found on Netflix at all, so I guess we should be happy just to know that Madam Secretary is on Netflix in the United States.

Madam Secretary season 6 on Netflix

Watch all 120 episodes of Madam Secretary on Netflix

Madam Secretary is a CBS show, meaning that you can watch it on CBS All Access if you have a CBS subscription. But, it is way more convenient to watch it on Netflix, and you can find all 120 episodes on American Netflix. The sixth and final season is shorter than the other seasons, meaning that it only has 10 episodes, but that means you will get quickly to the end without having to wait so much. Maybe that is a plus?

The good thing here is that you can easily watch Madam Secretary on US Netflix. If you have a Netflix subscription already, the only thing you need is a VPN subscription to either NordVPN or to SurfsharkVPN. Both are brilliant VPN services that will change your IP address (when you want them to). And yes, you can use them to make Netflix believe that you are in the United States, and you can also use them to watch Canadian Netflix, German Netflix, Dutch Netflix, and Japanese Netflix.

Visit Surfshark VPN(and watch Netflix right away)

SurfsharkVPN has a special 2-year deal right now. Check it out!

Unblock Netflix with NordVPN(you can start watching in a few minutes)

Click the button above to visit the NordVPN website.

Check both the VPN websites above and purchase a subscription to the one that you like better. Do not forget, both of them have 30-day refund policies. What does that mean for you? If you purchase a subscription, but do not like it, you can simply ask for a refund and you will get your money back. That should make you feel quite safe, shouldn’t it?

When the VPN is ready!

When you have purchased a VPN subscription and installed the VPN on your selected devices (they both have applications for lots of platforms and operating systems), open the application and connect to a server in the United States.

You will then get an American IP address immediately, and you can straight away open your Netflix application and search for Madam Secretary. You will then find the TV series and you can stream Madam Secretary season 6 and all the previous seasons on American Netflix.

Are you ready? Madam Secretary is a really fantastic TV show, and it takes you into the world of politics in a serious and humorous way at the same time. It isn’t a comedy like Veep, but the character of the Secretary of State is one that you like very much and she makes the ride feel like a real treat.

Are you ready to watch Madam Secretary season 6 on Netflix? If you have any comments or questions, use the comment field. I always try to help and to answer as quickly as possible!

Coming to Netflix USA in June 2020

June is the first summer month of 2020, and maybe it is time for a long awaited holiday. Or maybe you have been at home in isolation and quarantine for weeks and months already? No matter what, here you have a list of everything coming to Netflix USA in June 2020.

I am actually quite enthusiastic about this list of arrivals to Netflix in June. There will be many interesting Netflix original titles, among others a new season of 13 Reasons Why. I am sure many have been looking forward to this for a very long time.

Are you living outside the United States? You can easily get access to all the movies and TV shows available on Netflix in the USA by using the VPN services of SurfsharkVPN. Click the button below to visit their website.

Visit Surfshark VPN(and watch Netflix right away)

Click the button to visit the SurfsharkVPN website. Purchase a subscription, download their VPN client and connect to a server in the United States. You can then visit Netflix again and you will at once see the content of US Netflix. You can also use SurfsharkVPN to watch Netflix content in more than 10 other countries. They have a 30-day full refund policy, so if you don’t like it, you can easily ask for a refund.

There will be some amazing classics coming to Netflix in June 2020. The Lake House is a romantic movie with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, perfect for those in the sentimental mood.

If you want to see a very cool maid, watch The Help. This is a movie about a black maid serving in the home of a rich white family. And the highlight of the movie is when she serves her “lady” actual poop. This is an awesome movie!

Lady Bird is an Academy Awarded movie coming on June 6th, and for those who have enjoyed Fuller House, the final season of this Netflix original will also come to Netflix in June.

Coming to Netflix in June 2020

But, there is more… what about the Eurovision movie coming to Netflix in June? Unfortunately, Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus, but at least we will get this Netflix original movie starring Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell. I am worried about this, because even though Rachel McAdams is great, Will Ferrell is mostly terrible in everything. But, hopefully, this will be worth streaming after all.

Take a look at the full list of everything coming to US Netflix below.

Everything coming to US Netflix in June 2020

June 1

Act of Valor
All Dogs Go to Heaven
Bad News Bears
Cape Fear
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clow Card
Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura Card
Cocomelon: Season 1
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
The Healer
Inside Man
Lust, Caution
Observe and Report
The Silence of the Lambs
Starship Troopers
The Boy
The Car (1977)
The Disaster Artist
The Help
The Lake House
The Queen
V for Vendetta
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
West Side Story
You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

June 2

Alone: Season 6
Fuller House: The Farewell Season — Netflix Original
Garth Brooks: The Road I’m On: Season 1
True: Rainbow Rescue — Netflix Family

June 3

Lady Bird
Killing Gunther
Spelling the Dream — Netflix Documentary

June 4

Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament Saga — Netflix Anime
Can You Hear Me? / M’entends-tu? — Netflix Original

June 5

13 Reasons Why: Season 4 — Netflix Original
Choked: Pasai Bolta Hai — Netflix Film
Hannibal: Seasons 1-3
The Last Days of American Crime — Netflix Film
Queer Eye: Season 5 — Netflix Original

June 6

Queen of the South: Season 4

June 7

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 6 — Netflix Original (New episodes weekly)

June 8

Before I Fall

June 10

Curon — Netflix Original
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Season 5
Lenox Hill — Netflix Documentary
Middle Men
My Mister: Season 1
Reality Z — Netflix Original

June 11

Pose: Season 2

June 12

Addicted to Life
Da 5 Bloods — Netflix Film
Dating Around: Season 2 — Netflix Original
F is For Family: Season 4 — Netflix Original
Jo Koy: In His Elements — Netflix Comedy Special
Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: Season 2 — Netflix Family
One Piece: Alabasta
One Piece: East Blue
One Piece: Enter Chopper at the Winter Island
One Piece: Entering Into the Grand Line
Pokémon Journeys: The Series — Netflix Family
The Search — Netflix Original
The Woods — Netflix Original

June 13

Alexa & Katie: Part 4 — Netflix Family
How to Get Away with Murder: Season 6

June 14

Marcella: Season 3 — Netflix Original

June 15


June 16

Baby Mama
Charlie St. Cloud
The Darkness

June 17

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn
Mr. Iglesias: Part 2 — Netflix Original

June 18

A Whisker Away — Netflix Film
The Order: Season 2 — Netflix Original

June 19

Babies: Part 2 — Netflix Documentary
Father Soldier Son — Netflix Documentary
Feel the Beat — Netflix Film
Floor is Lava — Netflix Original
Lost Bullet — Netflix Film
Girls from Ipanema: Season 2 — Netflix Original
One Way to Tomorrow — Netflix Film
The Politician — Netflix Original
Rhyme Time Town — Netflix Family
Wasp Network — Netflix Film

June 21


June 22

Dark Skies

June 23

Eric Andre: Legalize Everything — Netflix Comedy Special

June 24

Athlete A — Netflix Documentary
Crazy Delicious — Netflix Original
Nobody Knows I’m Here / Nadie sabe estoy aquí — Netflix Film

June 26

Amar y vivir — Netflix Original
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga — Netflix Film
Home Game — Netflix Documentary
Straight Up

June 29

Bratz: The Movie

June 30

Adú — Netflix Film
BNA — Netflix Anime
George Lopez: We’ll Do It For Half — Netflix Comedy Special

Do you like this list? Make sure to follow us on YouTube for many more videos and Netflix related clips. You can also find weekly articles here about the coolest new arrivals on Netflix worldwide, something that is very useful if you have a VPN that will give you access to content in several Netflix countries.

If you have further comments or questions, just write them in the comment field.

Where can I watch Back to the Future on Netflix?

Are you a fan of the legendary Back to the Future movies? Or haven’t you had the chance to watch Back to the Future yet? This is your chance, because you can now watch Back to the Future on Netflix.

Watch Back to the Future on netflix

What if you cannot find Back to the Future on Netflix? What is the problem? It is quite easy to explain. Netflix doesn’t show all the content in all countries of the world. There are different movies and TV shows available on Netflix in all countries, and the streaming giant has different rights in different countries. That is why they have to negotiate with the local copyright holders in each country, and that is why you can only stream Back to the Future on Netflix in a few countries. So, are you looking for information on where to watch Back to the Future on Netflix and how to get access to the content? This is how!

How and where to watch Back to the Future on Netflix?

You can stream all three Back to the Future movies on Netflix in the following countries:

Well, that wasn’t a very long list. But, the brilliant thing is that you can easily watch the movies and TV shows available on Netflix in Canada all across the world. Do you know why? There are a few VPN services that will help you change your IP addresses, which means that Netflix will believe that you are in the United States, and/or in Canada.

What do you need to do?
Below I will tell you about two VPN services that will help you watch movies and TV shows on Netflix in Canada and in the United States. Purchase a subscription to one of them, download their VPN application, and connect to a server in the United States or in Canada. You can then watch Back to the Future and tons of other movies and TV shows on Netflix in the mentioned countries.

VPNs that will let you stream Back to the Future on Netflix

Use one of the following VPNs to stream Back to the Future on Netflix.

Back to the Future on Netflix with ExpressVPN

This is a VPN provider based in the British Virgin Islands. It is very popular because of its speeds, and also because it gives you access to Netflix in 8 countries. The service can also be used to watch BBC and ITV live online.

Visit ExpressVPN(start watching Netflix right away)

ExpressVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, and you can use one subscription on five devices at the same time.

Back to the Future streaming online

Back to the Future with SurfsharkVPN

SurfsharkVPN is a cheaper solution, and it will actually give you access to Netflix in even more countries. You can stream Netflix content in 15 countries with SurfsharkVPN, and the service will also help you unblock many other popular streaming services and TV networks.

Visit Surfshark VPN(and watch Netflix right away)

SurfsharkVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can use one subscription at more than 10 devices at the same time.

Isn’t that just delightful? Just pick one of the mentioned VPN services and you can stream all three Back to the Future movies on Netflix immediately.

I have seen all three movies many times, but I have got to say that the first two movies are my favorites in the series. The third is also brilliant, but somehow, I do prefer the first two movies if I had to pick.

Michael J. Fox is awesome as Marty McFly, and the professor is even more crazy in his role as the man who teaches how to travel in time. It is also extremely fun to see the same characters in the different times, meaning in the past, in the present, and in the future.

Once again, if you are ready to have some fantastic hours in front of the screen, go ahead and watch Back to the Future on Netflix today.

Do you have any questions related to streaming Back to the Future on Netflix? Write a comment and I will do my best to help you out!

Unblocking Netflix with IvacyVPN – Can it be done?

Are you considering IvacyVPN as your VPN provider? Are you looking for a VPN provider that will help you get rid of the proxy and unblocker error messages on Netflix? Can IvacyVPN help you with that?

IvacyVPN is a VPN provider that is really easy to use. Their VPN application is neat, and you can easily use it to unblock VPN services and to surf encrypted online. But, how is the service working with Netflix?

The IvacyVPN application

First of all, IvacyVPN is a cheap VPN provider. They are quite a lot cheaper than most other VPN providers, and you can get a one-month subscription cheaper than with competitors such as PureVPN, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN. And, if you decide to purchase a long-term subscription, it is also cheaper than the others.

A test of IvacyVPN and its ability to unblock Netflix

Most VPN providers have a couple of servers working with American Netflix, as that is considered to be the most important region. IvacyVPN also works with American Netflix, and it is really easy to stream content there. You just need to look through the servers dedicated to streaming and you will find American Netflix on the list.

It is easy to unblock American Netflix with IvacyVPN

But, you will not find any other Netflix logos here, meaning that it is way harder to discover if IvacyVPN works with Netflix in other countries. How can you find the truth? You can test all their servers, or trust our tests and believe what we have to say.

IvacyVPN also works with Netflix in the following countries

Based on our tests, you can also use IvacyVPN to access Netflix in the following countries.

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Japan

That is actually a very nice list. But, it is important to notice that things might get a bit more complicated here. What do we mean?

VPN providers such as Surfshark and NordVPN have implemented a SmartDNS within their VPN service. As a result, when you connect to a server in Canada and visit Netflix, you will always get access to Canadian Netflix, no matter which server you connect to.

VPN providers such as ExpressVPN and PureVPN do not use the method and as a result, you will have to connect to the different servers and in the end, you will hopefully find one that is working in the nation. What does this mean?

As I tested the IvacyVPN servers in Australia (they have 4 in total), I first started with connecting to their Brisbane server. It gave me no luck, and I got to see the proxy and unblocker error message.

Error code M7037-1111 using IvacyVPN on Netflix
Error code M7037-1111 on Netflix using IvacyVPN.

Then I connected to two more servers, and I still got the error message. But, as I connected to the fourth server I was finally in luck, and I got access to Australian Netflix. In other words, you might have to test with several servers in the different nations before you finally find the server actually able to unblocking Netflix.

How to find different servers using IvacyVPN?

If you want to see a list of all the IvacyVPN servers available in the different countries, you should use the default IvacyVPN window (SmartConnect). Instead of looking at the list of countries, choose cities. You will then see all the countries and the list of servers in different cities. Here you can try as you feel like and find those servers actually able to unblock Netflix in the different mentioned countries.

IvacyVPN and Netflix – what is the conclusion?

IvacyVPN is a very good and solid VPN provider for Netflix. Considering that their prices are way beneath the average VPN prices, this is a product you should absolutely consider using.

Visit IvacyVPN(and watch Netflix right away)

IvacyVPN has low prices, and they also protect you with their 30-day full-refund policy. Besides this, you can use one subscription at five devices simultaneously, and the service can also be used to unblock BBC, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ITV, HBO Now, and lots of other streaming services.

If you want to give IvacyVPN a try, click the button above to get a nice discount and to give their services a try.

  • Want to know even more about IvacyVPN? Check the following IvacyVPN review for more information.

Have you already tried IvacyVPN? What is your experience with their services? I would love to hear from you!

New on American Netflix in February TwentyTwenty?

What’s coming to American Netflix in February twenty-twenty, that is, in 2020? We have gathered the highlights and added them to this short video presenting the best movies and shows coming to Netflix.

We weren’t so impressed with what’s coming to Amazon Prime in February, and to be honest, we don’t feel too impressed about what’s coming to Netflix either. There are, for sure, some movies worth watching for those with special interests, but there are no hot-shot arrivals that will make people go crazy in February.

Highlights on Netflix in February 2020

Do you have something that you look forward to streaming on Netflix in February? Write a comment and let us know what it is!

Coming to Netflix USA in November 2019

Take a look at this list to find out what’s coming to Netflix USA in November 2019. Want inspiration and ideas for what to stream in November? Are there any potential Christmas movies approaching? Everything you need to know about the Netflix arrivals in November.

Get ready to stream The Irishman on Netflix in November 2019
Get ready to stream The Irishman on Netflix in November 2019

There will be some very interesting arrivals on Netflix in November, and to be honest, the most interesting titles are original productions. It is just like with Amazon Prime, there are few titles made by other companies that sound interesting, instead, the original stuff is what makes Netflix interesting in November. I have included some other names in my video presenting the most interesting newcomers on Netflix USA in November 2019, but that is simply because I wanted to include something besides the Netflix original content. So, The Wedding Crashers, Colette, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle are included. But, I would much rather watch the Netflix original productions instead of these.

Highlights on US Netflix in November

Check this video to see the highlight son Netflix USA in November. Do not forget, all Netflix original content will be made available worldwide at the same time, meaning there is no need to change your Netflix region to stream any of this content.

Highlights on Netflix in November

Coming to Netflix USA November 2019

Friday 1st November
The King
American Son
Fire In Paradise
Atypical season 3
Holiday In The Wild
Queer Eye
Bad Boys
Enter The Dragon
Wedding Crashers

Sunday 3rd November
A Bad Mom’s Christmas

Tuesday 5th November

Friday 8th November
Let It Snow
Green Eggs and Ham

Friday 15th November
I Lost My Body
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Sunday 17th November
The Crown season 3

Thursday 21st November
The Knight before Christmas

Friday 22nd November
Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings A

Wednesday 27th November
The Irishman

Friday 29th November
Sugar Rush Christmas

Saturday 30th November
All the Money in the World

Some thoughts about what to stream on US Netflix in November

The most interesting TV shows and movies on Netflix in November are all original productions. So, even if you know how to access US Netflix, it isn’t needed to watch these movies and TV shows.

There will be quite a lot of Netflix Christmas movies coming to the platform in November. These all look like cliche-junk movies, but still, if you are desperate to get the Christmas feeling in the house, they might be worth watching.

Do you remember the movies about the Christmas Prince? We have gotten one every year for the last two years, and this year we will get one more. Our princess doesn’t have to travel to Andalucia or somewhere else, but this year a boy who believes himself to be a knight is trying to win the heart of our girl. Doesn’t that sound awesome? If you like sugar, this is it! What is the title of the movie? A Knight before Christmas!

If you want another cliche Christmas movie, go for A Holiday in the Wild. Here we meet a woman who goes to Africa. It was supposed to be a second honeymoon, but instead, she ends up going alone. Guess what she will meet in Africa? A lot of animals, and of course, a cute guy? Who can guess how this movie will end?

If you are throwing up because of the sugar dose, it might be time to relax with The Irishman. This is a brand new Netflix original starring Al Pacino and Robert de Niro. This is something we have been looking forward to for a long time, and it is probably the highlight of November 2019 (if we have to mention ONE title). This is a typical mafia movie with lots of action and influencing the course of an entire nation.

Many people have been waiting for The Crown season 3 for a long time. Well, in November the wait will be over. Are you ready to see how the life of the royals will continue?

What will you stream on Netflix in the United States in November?

Have you made any decisions about what to stream on Netflix after reading this article, checking the video, and reading through the list? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

Coming to US Netflix in August 2019

Are you bored? Don’t get your hopes up, as Netflix in the USA has little medication to offer in August. If you love Netflix original content, you might end up finding some interesting newcomers, but if you don’t really care about the original content, August will be one long sleep for your Netflix subscription.

Before you get very sad, do not forget that there is hope even tough the number of awesome movies coming to US Netflix is equal to zero. Did you know that it is very easy to get access to other Netflix countries as well? On you can read more about how you can access Canadian Netflix, UK Netflix, Dutch Netflix, Japanese, Netflix, Australian Netflix, and stream content on Argentinean Netflix (and even more regions). Click the link to find the needed information.

Do not forget, you do not need an extra Netflix subscription to enjoy this. All you need is a subscription to a VPN provider that will actually get the job done for you.

It isn’t normal, but in August, there will actually be more interesting movies coming to Amazon Prime. But, if you are a fan of the CW TV show name The 100, August will be a great month. The sixth season deals with the story of a group of 100 people who were sent to earth 99 years after a major crisis on earth. The radiation is supposed to be strong for more than 100 more years, but they still decide to send 100 people to earth to check if it is as bad as they would expect. If you are in a hurry, you can find more information on how to stream The 100 season 6 on Netflix right here.

Jane the Virgin on US Netflix
Jane the Virgin season 5 on US Netflix in August

If you have followed the story about Jane, a virgin who suddenly ends up being pregnant for four seasons, you will be happy to hear that Jane the Virgin season 5 will come to Netflix in the USA in August 2019. If you didn’t know it, the same season has been on Netflix in the UK for a while already. Would you like to know more about how you can stream Jane the Virgin season 5 on Netflix?

I am not happy about this list at all. But, I often end up being presented to new Netflix original content every month that I haven’t really heard about. Some of these movies are great (like Murder Mystery), while others are boring and hard to enjoy. Do you have any favorites coming to US Netflix in August? Write a commentand let me now!

Coming to US Netflix in August 2019

Available August 1

Are We Done Yet?
Boyka: Undisputed
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Groundhog Day
Jackie Brown
Jupiter Ascending
Now and Then
Panic Room
Rocky II
Rocky III
Rocky IV
Rocky V
Sex and the City: The Movie
Something’s Gotta Give
The Bank Jo
The House Bunny
The Sinner: Julian
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar
Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Available August 2

Ask the StoryBots: Season 3
Basketball or Nothing
Dear White People: Volume 3
Derry Girls: Season 2
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Season 3

Available August 4

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 4

Available August 5

Enter the Anime
No Good Nick: Part 2

Available August 6

Sebastian Maniscalco: Why Would You Do That

Available August 8

Jane The Virgin: Season 5
Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer
The Naked Director
Wu Assassins

Available August 9

Cable Girls: Season 4
The Family
GLOW: Season 3
The InBESTigators
iZombie: Season 5
Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling
Spirit Riding Free: Pony Tales
Tiny House Nation: Volume 1

Available August 13

Knightfall: Season 2
Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready

Available August 14

The 100: Season 6

Available August 15

Cannon Busters

Available August 16

45 rpm
Apache: La vida de Carlos Tevez
Better Than Us
Frontera verde
Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus
The Little Switzerland
QB1: Beyond the Lights: Season 3 Selfless
Super Monsters Back to School
Victim Number 8

Available August 17

The Punisher (2004)

Available August 20

Gangs of New York
Simon Amstell: Set Free

Available August 21

American Factory

Available August 22

Love Alarm

Available August 23

El Pepe: Una vida suprema
Rust Valley Restorers

Available August 27

Million Pound Menu: Season 2
Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 7

Available August 29

Falling Inn Love
Workin’ Moms: Season 3

Available August 30

The A List
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
Droppin’ Cash: Season 2
La Grande Classe
Locked Up: Season 3
Mighty Little Bheem: Season 2
Styling Hollywood
True and the Rainbow Kingdom: Wild Wild Yetis
Un bandido honrado

Are you more enthusiastic about this list than I am? What are you going to watch on Netflix in USA? I would love to hear from you!