Dallas Buyers Club finally on Netflix

Dallas Buyers ClubFinally Dalles Buyers Club can be seen on Netflix. This is the Oscar awarded film which tells the story of a man who starts illegally important medications to people suffering from AIDS, but who can not afford the treatments they are suggested to make in the USA.

Matthew McConaughey is playing the main character in this film, and together with him Jennifer Garner is the biggest star in the film. This is truly a strong film which is not only making you think, but it also has a strong message and maybe some politic undertone to it.

Dallas Buyers Club can not be seen on Netflix all across the world, but so far it is only made available to UK Netflix views. However, I have written an article earlier on how you can bypass such limitations and use your current Netflix subscription to watch UK Netflix as well. Take a look at the following article to find more information on that subject.

Dallas Buyers Club has received great critics and on IMDB is has a score currently of 8 points, at Rotten Romatoes it has 93% as its score and at Metacritics Dallas Buyers Club has a score of 84%. These are really good scores, making it a sure point that you should take a look at this film as well.

Looking for a film to watch this evening on Netflix? Make sure to watch Dallas Buyers Club, because it really is a film that has something to say!

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