Get access to Mexican Netflix! – How to watch Netflix Mexico abroad? [Working in 2021]

Mexican Netflix
Watching Age of Adaline on Mexican Netflix

There are lots of great films on Mexican Netflix and on South American Netflix. Want to get access to the films and TV series available?

It is quite hard to get access to Mexican Netflix since Netflix is blocking most VPN providers and the IP addresses they provide, but I do my best to find solutions that still work and that is why I have created this article as well to tell you how you can get access to Mexican Netflix outside Mexico. I can not guarantee that the solution will last forever, so please write a comment if you try this and it should not work, and I will do my best to update the article with a new solution as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy!

Watch Mexican Netflix

After some years of not having a solution to this problem, I have now found a way to stream the content on Netflix in Mexico abroad. It is a very convenient way, because it is provided by the VPN that is currently the best for unblocking Netflix in general – SurfsharkVPN.

Click the button below to visit their website and to give it a try. If you don’t like it (or it doesn’t work), you are always protected by their 30-day full refund policy.

Visit Surfshark VPN(and watch Netflix right away)

SurfsharkVPN has applications for all the big platforms, meaning that you can use this VPN to watch Mexican Netflix on your iPhone, on your tablet, on your smart TV (Fire TV), on your computer, and on even more devices.

Isn’t that just awesome and fantastic? You can later connect to servers in other countries, and you will then be able to watch Netflix content in countries such as Australia, India, Poland, England, Canada, and the United States.

How cool is that? If you click the button above, you will get a fantastic SurfsharkVPN deal giving you 12 additional months (if you purchase their 12-months plan), so make sure to click the button above and to give it a try!

Mexican Netflix abroad

Why watch Mexican Netflix?

You will find lots of movies and TV shows on Mexican Netflix that you cannot find on Netflix elsewhere. Sometimes Hollywood blockbusters come early to Mexico, but the most important difference is the gigantic selection and collection of local content.

You can find movies produced in Mexico, TV-shows originating from Mexico, and lots of other Latin American content. In other words, a perfect place for those in love with the culture, the language, and all the fantastic stuff produced there.

Follow these instructions and get ready to stream Mexican Netflix content wherever you are in the world!

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  1. So sad that you do not have a method to access Netflix in Mexico, but I gave your advice a try and conected to servero in Brasil. I found the same content, so in the end everything was well!

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