Get access to Spanish Netflix [Working in 2020]

Spanish Netflix

Are you in the mood to watch some content on Spanish Netflix? Having trouble doing so or simply wonder how it can be done? This is the way!

To watch Spanish Netflix you will need a VPN subscription, but life isn’t just that easy since Netflix now blocks most IP addresses provided by VPN providers all around the world. But, there are still some holes in the wall, and here I will tell you still how to watch Spanish Netflix abroad.

Please notice that Netflix might block this solution as well, and if that happens, please write a comment at once and let me know so that I can update this article!

This article was updated in April 2020!

Get access to Spanish Netflix

At the moment you can use the VPN services of PrivateVPN to watch Spanish Netflix. Visit the PrivateVPN website clicking the button beneath.

Visit PrivateVPN(and watch Netflix right away)

After this, you need to download the VPN client for Windows, Android, iOS or Mac and connect to a PrivateVPN server in Spain! Once this is done you can visit Netflix (or open the Netflix application) and you will have access to Spanish Netflix.

It is important to know that PrivateVPN has a 30-day full refund policy, so there is no risk in trying. You can also use PrivateVPN to access lots of other Netflix regions meaning it is absolutely worth the money!

Why access Spanish Netflix outside Spain?

Maybe you wonder why you should want to get access to Spanish Netflix outside Spain? There may be many reasons for this. Maybe you have a favorite TV-show or a movie that is available on Spanish Netflix that cannot be found in any other region? I have witnessed such things several times, so that might be the reason.

It is also a fact that there is lots of content available on Netflix in Spain that origins from Spain, and thus you will find lots of original Spanish content on Spanish Netflix.

Spanish content on Netflix in Spain
Spanish content on Netflix in Spain

To find all the original Spanish content on Netflix in Spain you can press the Movies or TV Show text at the top of the Netflix website. Then you will see the “genres” box and once you click it, you will get the chance to select Spanish content. This is where you will see a fantastic offer of Spanish content, and it will be a great experience for you to look through it.

Not only is this perfect if you miss your Spanish home region on Netflix. It is also great if you are a tourist who visits Barcelona and after visit Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and all the other attractions during the daytime, you can continue your Spanish sightseeing by watching Spanish movies and TV series on Netflix in the evening!

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  • Hello Thanks for this. I was using HMA to view spanish content for a good while but now Netflix blocks it and tells you to stop using a proxy to view.

    • Christine Wilson says:

      The server I write about in this article still works if you want to watch Spanish Netflix abroad, just tried it! Give it a try yourself! 🙂

    • Christine Wilson says:

      The HideMyAss server still works, but it was extremely slow, so updated the article with another much better working solution instead!

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