Highlights on Canadian Netflix in May 2020

What are you gonna stream on Netflix in May? We are in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine, and most people have already seen the “virus” movies such as Outbreak and Contagion. So, what should you watch on Netflix in Canada in May 2020?

If you haven’t checked my list about movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix during the coronavirus, check it our right away. There are some really good pieces of advice there for those who want to relax in front of the TV. But, among the newcomers in May, what is worth streaming? You can find the full list of what’s coming to Netflix Canada in May right here. But, these are the highlights.

Coming to Netflix Canada May

The coolest movies and TV shows coming to Netflix Canada in May 2020

Back To The Future (May 1)

This isn’t really a newcomer, but it is one of the most brilliant movies ever. The first movie is the best, but the second and the third are also legendary works starring Michael J. Fox. Are you ready to watch these movies? What makes it extremely cool is that we have just passed by the time in the future of which the movies spoke, so it is extra interesting to watch them now because of that.

Do you need help watching movies and TV shows on Canadian Netflix abroad? Check the following article!

Rambo (May 1)

Who cares after the first movie in the Rambo series? Well, I do! After all, after watching Rambo: Last Blood on Netflix, I think it would be interesting to see how the entire story started. So, what better way to do that than by watching the first movie in the series on Netflix in Canada?

Love Actually (May 5)

Yet another movie that is a hot blockbuster, but an old one. This is a real classic, and most people watch this movie before Christmas. But, since the coronavirus has changed everything we know about living, maybe this movie will give you a great time in front of the screen also in May? A classic romantic comedy with loads of stars involved.

Pacific Rim Uprising (May 15)

They are not fighting viruses in Pacific Rim: Uprising, but they are fighting aliens from an outer dimension instead. This is typical action with beings from outer space, and if you like those movies, then this will give you a treat.

Hollywood (May 1)

This is a Netflix original series, telling stories about the golden age of Hollywood. But, not all is filled with glamour and joy. Here we get to understand more about the MeToo movement, and everything that comes together with it.

So far, this is the actual first newcomer on the list, as all the other titles mentioned are old classics instead.

Dead To Me season 2 (May 8)

Have you been looking forward to the second season of Dead To me? The wait will be over on May 8th as the title will come to Netflix all around the world. This will be a highlight for everyone who enjoyed the first season. For those who didn’t care much about the first season (like me), this is not so much to look forward to.

Knightfall season 2 (May 14)

Mark Hammill is back in the knight series known as Knightfall. This is yet another Netflix original series, meaning that you can stream it anywhere in the world with your Netflix subscription.

Space Force (May 29)

This is a brand new Netflix original series starring Mark Hamill. It will be a great treat, and created by the people behind The Office, this is a show that should give us plenty of fun in outer space.

These are some of the highlights coming to Netflix Canada in May 2020. Do you have some other title that you look forward to stream in may? I would love to hear your comments and your thoughts.

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