Hottest Netflix arrivals in week 21, 2020 (May 18-May 24)

Do you have a Netflix subscription? Would you like to make sure that you haven’t missed out on any hot arrivals in the last week? Check this article to find out about the hottest arrivals on Netflix between May 18 and May 24 in 2020.

Take a look at the following video so see a short summery, or read more about the hottest titles below.

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New on Netflix Week 21

New on Netflix Week 21, 2020

There were some cool movies on Netflix in week 20, but there are some even cooler highlights on Netflix in week 21. Check the full list below to see the hottest and coolest new releases on Netflix.


This is an amazing movie with Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, Matthew McConaughey, and Guy Ritchie. Some really tough guys are about to be discovered by the journalist Hugh Grant. He is sharing his insight with the bad guys and he wants to get money to keep quiet. But, will he succeed? This is a lovely mixture of humor, fun, and action.

Available: Argentina


This movie was actually added on May 25th, but since this article is a bit late, I decided to add it to this clip no matter what. This is a series based on the movie that became a giant success a few years ago. A train is driving around, surrounded by ice. Inside there are different people, almost like at Titanic. Some are in the luxury part of the train, while others are in the opposite end.

Available: Everywhere

The Weekend

Two couples go away for a weekend together. Both couples are having trouble, and this weekend might just be what they have needed a lot. Or maybe, this is a weekend that they didn’t need at all?

Available: Canada

History 101

Have you enjoyed the Netflix show named Explained? Well, now we can all stream History 101, in which we learn more about history and about special events and developments that have happened earlier. This is a perfect way to learn about subjects and historical events that you didn’t know much about from before.

Available: Everywhere

The Lovebirds

Every couple has moments that define them. Well, here we have a couple that is about to experience such a moment. A person jumps in their car to persecute a criminal. Well, they catch him, and for some reason, the husband drives across the victim several times (until he dies). What will happen with the couple now?

Available: Everywhere

Amis Publics

A brother is worried about the fact that his younger brother will die soon. To cheer him up, he arranges a fake robbery. How will this end? This is a comedy from France, and it can be seen on Netflix in France.

Available: France

Control Z

Someone is spreading all sorts of information about students online. Who is the traitor? A girl who reminds us of Sherlock Holmes it out to find out.

Available: Everywhere

What will you watch on Netflix this week?

I hope you have read about some interesting movies and TV series that came to Netflix last week in this article. Have you found a title that especially interests you? I would love to hear about it.

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