Inspector Morse on US Netflix

Inspector MorseInspector Morse is a smart detective, not like Sherlock Holmes, but more of a traditional detective, and together with his helper they solve brutal and not so brutal crimes, in general murder mysteries.

Inspector Morse is not a detective of our days, he is kind of old fashioned, originating from back in the 80s, to be more exact 1987. Now however Inspector Morse has turned very modern, because he has made himself available on Netflix, at least on US Netflix, so if you want to see Morse on Netflix, than can now be done. All you need is a US Netflix subscription, or a Netflix subscription somewhere else and a VPN subscription, and then you are ready to watch Morse online from all across the world! Isnt that great?

To find out more about how you can watch Netflix online from all across the world, visit our front page. If you are ready to watch Inspector Morse, simply go to and start watching!

Inspector Morse had its premiere in 1987 and lasted all the way until year 2000. It was aired on ITV in the United Kingdom, and if you want to know more about watching ITV online from all across the world as well, just press the link above in the text.

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