Is The Walking Dead season 10 on Netflix? Everything you need to know!

There are hundreds of thousands of people waiting for The Walking Dead season 10 to be added to Netflix. I expected the season to be added in the start of September 2020, but it never came. Then in the start of October, several countries saw The Walking Dead included in the list of TV series coming on October 6th to Netflix. And then it came… and then it was removed!

Keep on reading this article for the most recent updates on what is going on!

The Walking Dead season 10 on Netflix

Happy new year everyone – January 4th, 2021

Haven’t you seen The Walking Dead season 10 on Netflix yet? Scroll down in this article and follow the instructions, and you will be ready to stream it in a few minutes from now!

The Walking Dead on Netflix – December 1st, 2020

You can now stream the tenth season of The Walking Dead on Netflix. After its removal in October, it has now been added to the streaming portal in Poland and in the Netherlands, and in a few other countries. If you want to know more about how you can stream Polish Netflix abroad or Dutch Netflix abroad, use the links!

The tenth season comes with 15 episodes, which means that some people miss one episodes. I don’t know if and when it will come, but hopefully, quite soon!

The Walking Dead on Netflix – October 7th, 2020

The Walking Dead could be streamed on Netflix in Poland, Montenegro, Hungary, and some more countries yesterday. But, it has already been removed, and based on my knowledge, you cannot find The Walking Dead season 10 on Netflix anywhere. I have no clue why it was removed. Some people were in the middle of the streaming experience when it was suddenly removed, just check the comments to the following YouTube video.

In other words, you CANNOT stream The Walking Dead season 10 on Netflix at the moment.

The Walking Dead on Netflix – October 6th, 2020

Finally it is here! As of today, you can stream The Walking Dead on Netflix in Poland and some more Eastern European countries. This is the moment we have all been waiting for, and all the episodes of the tenth season is now on Netflix.

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Enjoy watching The Walking Dead season 10 on Netflix. If you have further insight, news, thoughts, reactions, questions, or anything else, use the comment field below!

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