Jack Reacher on Canadian Netflix

For a long time I was mixing up Jack Ryan and Jack Reacher, but that might not be a coincidence, because these are two quite similar kind of films. Jack Ryan can be seen on Netflix in several nations, but if you want to watch Jack Reacher you will have to look a bit harder, but if you visit Canadian Netflix you will find this film from 2012.Jack Reacher Netflix

Jack Reacher is an action film with Tom Cruise in the main role. The film starts with a sniper killing several people and that is hen the work starts trying to catch the sniper and solve the problems. That is of course when Tom Cruise also gets into the story and we can follow him as he tries to solve the mysteries and catch the bad guys. The sniper is catched but during the interrogation he simply writes Get Jack Reacher on a paper, and that is how Tom Cruise, aka Jack Reacher, comes into the story.

In the film you can also see Rosamund Pike who plays a good role, but her big success was when she recently played a role in Gone Girl, as a crazy wife who makes everything happen the way she wants.

If you want to see the film, just tune into Netflix in Canada and watch i and have two nice hours in front of the screen. Click the Netflix in Canada link to find out more about how you can watch Netflix in Canada form outside Canada.

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