Journal 64 is now on Netflix

I am a big fan of the Department Q series, and the final movie in the series named Journal 64 just got to Netflix. Are you interested in watching it yourself? How and where can you stream Journal 64 on Netflix?

I have been waiting for Journal 64 to come to Netflix for a long time. I watched the first three Department Q movies on Hulu, but then I also realized that they could be streamed on Netflix. But, the fourth movie cannot be streamed on Hulu, and neither can it be streamed on Netflix… at least until recently.

Here I have discovered Journal 64 on Netflix, together with the other Department Q movies.
Here I have discovered Journal 64 on Netflix, together with the other Department Q movies.

At first, the first three Department Q movies could be streamed on Netflix in France. But, then they were removed from French Netflix, and now you can stream the first three Department Q movies, and also the fourth movie (Journal 64) on Netflix in the Netherlands and in Turkey. Unfortunately, there is no VPN that will help you get access to Turkish Netflix, but it is quite easy to get access to Dutch Netflix abroad.

2021 update: Netflix has removed this entirely, meaning that you cannot find it anywhere currently. If you know something else, please write a comment and I will check your info and update the article!

How to watch Journal 64 on Netflix in the Netherlands?

The most important is that you actually have a Netflix subscription. If that is in order, the rest will be quite easy.

You will then need a VPN subscription to Surfshark VPN, maybe the best VPN provider for accessing Netflix content in other nations.

Visit Surfshark VPN(and watch Netflix right away)

Click the button above to visit the Surfshark VPN website. It will give you a great price, and besides, you will always be protected by their 30-day full refund policy!

After signing up with Surfshark, download their VPN application to your device and connect to a server in the Netherlands. Now you have to visit again or reload the Netflix application. You can now stream all the Department Q movies on Netflix.

If your Netflix account is registered in a different EU country, you might get some trouble. To find out more about this and how to solve it, check the following article:

A little sad thing about Department Q on Netflix

I was so happy to discover Journal 64 on Netflix in the Netherlands. But, unfortunately, the subtitles are only available in Dutch. So, either you understand Dutch or Danish. If not, it will be hard to enjoy this movie.

It might be that they will bring some new subtitles in the future, but at this very moment, you will have to live with Danish and Dutch.

As a result, I haven’t actually seen Journal 64 on Netflix yet, I have only discovered it. I cannot enjoy a movie that I do not understand, so I will have to wait for more subtitles to come, or for the movie to be added to other countries with English subtitles available. If not, I will have to find the movie somewhere else and stream it in that way!

Have you seen Journal 64? How did you like the movie? Was it better than the first three movies, or maybe way worse? I would love to hear your thoughts!

If you purchase a Surfshark VPN subscription

If you have followed the advice given in this article, you should now own a Surfshark VPN subscription. This can be used for so much more than just streamed Journal 64 on Netflix in the Netherlands. You can also stream all the other content available on Dutch Netflix. And whenever you get tired of that, connect to a server in the UK, or maybe in Canada! This will give you a lot of fun, as there are so many movies and TV shows available in those countries that you cannot find elsewhere.

Surfshark can also be used to stream The Blacklist on Netflix in India, to watch The Walking Dead on Netflix in Canada, and so much more.

If you get fed up with Netflix in its entirety, go ahead and use Surfshark VPN to stream HBO Now abroad, to watch Hulu abroad, to watch BBC and ITV in the UK abroad, and so much more.

You get the point, don’t you? You have endless opportunities ahead. Should you need some help or advice, just write a comment!

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