Murder Mystery – a Netflix original looking good!

Two days ago, Netflix published a brand new trailer for their action-comedy named Murder Mystery which is set for release on Netflix in the middle of June 2019. This seems to be a promising project once again, clearly standing out in the midst of a whole lot of poor and boring productions.

Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming Netflix original movie named Murder Mystery
Jennifer Aniston in the upcoming Netflix original movie named Murder Mystery

It is easy to understand that this is a bit most costly production for Netflix by looking at the characters involved. In Murder Mystery, we meet Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in the main roles. They have been married for a long time, but finally they are taking a holiday from their jobs (after 15 years) to relax and enjoy life in Europe. But, on the flight they get to know this billionaire, and somehow they ends up joining him on his luxury yacht.

Everything seems perfect, until they wake up in the middle of the night hearing a gunshot. Someone has been killed, and the characters of Aniston and Sandler are suspected of being the killers. This is when the action starts and we get to follow them as they try to find the real killers, without getting caught themselves by the police.

Murder Mystery trailer

Do you want to know more about Murder Mystery yourself? Check the trailer beneath.

It might be worth knowing that this is a Netflix original production. As a result, we should get access to this all across the world at the same time. There has been a few examples when things have been otherwise, for example, with the recent Jenifer Aniston movie named Dumplin. The movie was released on Netflix in the USA and in Canada, but in lots of nations in Europe, it was first showed in the theaters, and it still cannot be streamed on Netflix.

If that should be the case, find out more on how you can watch content in other Netflix regions here at

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