New On Netflix July 2020 (first week)

There were quite a lot of awesome movies and TV shows added to Netflix last week? July 2020 is a summer month and lots of people will spend time in front of their screens watching interesting movies and TV shows on Netflix.

But, what is worth watching? The first day of the month is a day when lots of movies are added to Netflix. But, which were the highlights on the first day of July in 2020 and the first week of the month? Check the clip below to find out.

There are not so many hot blockbuster movies, but the clip contains information about quite a lot of Netflix original content. I guess The Warrior Nun might be the biggest highlight for many, but Homemade is also a special series for those who want to see homemade movies by people in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you like cooking, do not miss out on the MasterChef series added to Netflix UK in the last week as well.

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